Plan The Perfect Party With HOORAY! Online Platform

By Frederique Bros
on 9 December 2015

Leaders in all things parties, HOORAY!, are taking their dominance of the celebration space to new heights with the launch of their global online platform, the HOORAY! Party Market. Known for their expertise in inspiring celebrations of all kinds via their coveted magazine, HOORAY!’s move to the e-commerce space will offer a digital market for shoppers and small businesses alike, as well as cementing their position as the go-to guide for celebration inspiration.

Hot on the heels of the just-released Celebrate by HOORAY! a world-first mook, the HOORAY! Solely dedicated to helping people around the globe plan the perfect party, no matter what the occasion, the unique online marketplace will offer a gorgeous selection of modern and carefully curated celebration goods, allowing visitors to shop directly from makers around the world.

But the real point of difference comes from the types of products that the site will offer. Unlike other party shops, the products are available on the HOORAY! Party Markets aren’t mass-produced, nor are they on a warehouse floor waiting for fulfilment, and shoppers aren’t restricted by country of origin. Each product purchased will be delivered to the shopper directly from the maker, handcrafted and hand packaged, from unique and delightful brands around the country and the world – brands such as Sydney’s personalised nail polish brand Say It With Polish, Canada’s modern party décor specialist Dixie and Twine, and Melbourne’s bespoke stationery and design house Studio Silva.

In this way, HOORAY! Party Market is not only a source of excitement for anyone planning a gathering but has also been designed to support emerging businesses and talents wanting to build their brand – wherever in the world they may be. Selling support for vendors will also be provided, and HOORAY!’s established network means brands will immediately be introduced to over 180,000 visitors every month.

Cutting out the middleman, the HOORAY! Party Market’s unique concept creates a direct link between buyers and sellers, with HOORAY!’s celebratory credentials and careful curation guaranteeing the quality of the offering – and the biggest online party that the world has ever seen!

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Image Credit: Hooray

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