How to Protect Your Mobile Phone From Cyber Threats

How to Protect Your Mobile Phone From Cyber Threats

How many times on average are you using your mobile phone per day? I would say at least more than 30 times! Our mobile phone has become the most precious device for taking calls, text messaging, checking the weather, online banking, emails, checking with Facebook friends, taking photos or playing with an app. We do protect our computers because we know the danger of hackers and miscellaneous daily attacks. But do you know how to protect your mobile phone from cyber threats?

Trend Micro has launched a set of new mobile security solutions to combat the increasing onslaught of cyber attacks that are continually placing people using mobile devices at risk.

In Trend Micro’s 2013 Mobile Threat Report, threat researchers reported that mobile threats are moving beyond apps and Android’s vulnerabilities and are inconsistent with industry standards, developing a less secure mobile ecosystem. Apple iOS devices are also vulnerable to phishing attacks. In 2013, TrendLabs researchers predicted that malicious and high-risk Android apps would exceed one million by the year’s end – a figure that took PC malware a decade to reach. Now, TrendLabs predicts that figure will reach three million in 2014.

I have installed Trend Micro Mobile Security on my phone which came as part of the Trend Micro  Maximum Security Suite (protection for up to 5 PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices).

Why do you need Trend Micro Mobile Security?

1. Block Dangerous and Fraudulent Websites

It uses the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ to block malicious websites.

2. Protects Your Privacy On Facebook

Trend Micro Privacy Scanner verifies your Facebook privacy settings and recommends enhancements and facilitates the changes.

3.  Guards against identity theft and viruses

Scans every app you have installed and every one you download to filter out virus and malicious apps that can steal your information and cost you money and features unlimited cloud scanning connections to ensure continuous protection.

4. Backup and Transfer your contacts

Cross platform contacts backup and restore (cross platform between iOS and Android).

5.  Lost device protection

Locate a missing device with remote locate and scream.

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How to download on your mobile phone

1. Go to the Android Market on your Android phone or for iPhone go to App search.

2. Click the search icon.

3. Type “Trend Micro” on the field provided.

4.  Select Trend Micro Mobile Security.

5. Click FREE + OK.

6. Wait for the download to finish. The program will proceed with the installation after the download. The program should now be installed.

There are two new multi-platform security solutions for securing users data and privacy on Google Android, Apple iOS and Amazon Kindle:

– Trend Micro Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad – from AU$29.95 inc GST

– Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android – from AU$29.95 inc GST

– Or Trend Micro Mobile Security is also available as part of the Trend Micro Maximum Security suite, starting from AU$69.95


Trend Micro Mobile Security is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Kindle Fire Apps store. The products are also available from Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi, Dick Smith and all leading retailers, as well as online at


Written by Frederique Bros

Frederique Bros is a contributor for Women Love Tech. Frederique, who launched the website, has more than ten years in multimedia, graphic and web design. Born in France, she lives in Sydney with her French Bulldog Oscar.


  1. My mobile – the kids play with it so it could easily be in the car, in my bag, on my bedside table, or in the hands of terrible hackers who want to steal my identity :O)

  2. Definitely my phone! I need a maximum security for it plus my kids play all the time with my phone! 🙂 thank you. PS: I love your website WLT, keep going the great work!

  3. My laptop I now try to use only it,, and use my phone as a phone, due to fact that I’am still trying to work out how to use most of the settings!.

  4. my pc would be the first device protected ,but having said that they are all equally important

  5. I would protect my mobile phone because we tend to have a fortress built around our desktop computers but forget the little device that we carry around with us all day. Our mobile phones have become a mega centre of pins, passwords, photos and is essentially a portable hub which contains everything about us.

  6. I would definitely choose my PC as it is a lifesaver for someone like me whose parents aren’t so tech savvy but often web browses. Who knows what they’ll fall for? but at least I don’t have to worry about what they get up to.





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