Quik: GoPro’s New App For ‘Quik’ And Quality Editing

By Emeric Brard
on 17 March 2021

GoPro recently launched an app called Quik which provides users with some easy-to-use editing tools. Whether it’s for your photos or videos, from either your phone or GoPro, Quik’s tools are ideal for all your highlight reel creations.

What tools does Quik provide? 

  • multi-speed video tool
  • 25 scene-optimised filters
  • premium storytelling themes
  • 18 royalty-free music tracks, and much more

GoPro owners benefit from in-app functionality where you can control your camera, transfer content to your phone, live-stream and re-frame 360 content. 

Can I use Quik without a GoPro?

Quik is not exclusive for GoPro-users. In fact, Quik works with any photo or video content – shot on a GoPro or not. Its tools are universally compatible with all content in your camera roll. 

Use ANY video, ANY photo from your phone.

Quik has a free version which gives users limited access to its premium features. For full access,  a subscription of $14.99 a year or $2.99 a month can be purchased. With full access, users can benefit from editing features including unlimited Mural Events, edits, edit themes, scene-optimised filters, access to royalty-free tracks and use of the brand new speed tool.

Quik has replaced the GoPro app on the Apple and Google Play App Stores and is available to download and purchase now. 

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