Reinvent The Way You Calm Your Nerves And Centre Yourself

Victoria Marszalkowski
on 4 February 2017

Mental health issues continue to be on the rise as the pressures of life for many spirals out of control. Anxiety, stress, irritability and feeling overwhelmed are just some of the feelings that we can all relate to in one way or another – luckily there is a new way of dealing with these uncomfortable feelings.

This Smart Patch will subtly train you to take control of nerves and anxiety almost effortlessly. Having greatly exceeded their Kick Starter campaign, Lief Therapeutics Smart Patch will be available online very soon.

Lief which is Middle English (circa 1150 to 1470) for a beloved person or friend. This pint-size patch will be just that, your closest ally when it comes to working through your stresses.

The Lief Smart Patch allows you to optimise and track your stress levels through a biomarker of your mental and physical health. This is done through your Heart Rate Variability or HRV – when you are stressed, anxious, distracted or suffering from related symptom you will generally present with a low HRV score.

Where Lief comes into play is by helping you train yourself to take control of your day and stay focused during those pressing times. Lief sits on the left rib cage near your heart where it monitors your heart rate and breath using biosensing technologies. Stress and anxiety trigger shorter breathes and raise your heart rate so by tailoring your desired outcome with one of the training ‘routines’ you can cut down the anxiety as it hits. This is all done using vibrations to deliver the signals and in doing so you increase your HRV score – meaning you lower your stress.

There are four routines to choose from: Control, Resilient, Nudge and Calm.

Control aims to increase your performance by learning to focus and control your heart rate.

Resilient aims to calm your mental state and nervous system which will in turn make you more resilient to external events that occur.

Nudge aims to reinforce your own personalised and unique practices that have been instructed from your therapist or coach with a gentle nudge.

Calm aims to improve your mindfulness by reinforcing deep breathing to keep you relaxed and calm throughout the day.

Of course, none of this would be as as valuable if you couldn’t track and monitor your progress or examine how you are behaving on a subconscious level. Visit the Lief Health Store to review how you are responding and choose a training routine based on what you need. The app was developed with the assistance of Stanford and UCSF clinicians and will help you document your behaviour, thoughts, emotions and any sensations you may encounter. Also access audio exercises, mood rating, progress reviews and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) intervention toolkits.

Coaching support is also available on selected plans where your own coach will check in with you on a weekly basis, mentor your through core concepts and engage you in personalised exercises.

It is fantastic to see a device for those who struggle with the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety. The possibilities of what technology can offer are really starting to move away from consumer quick fixes to solutions for long lasting well-being – it’s exciting to say the least.

Pre-order for $269.00 and save $130.00.

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