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Rent Your Camera Gear In Time For The Lunar Moon And Aurora Australis

Rent Your Camera Gear And Be Ready To Capture The Lunar Moon And Aurora Australis

Winter is now well and truly in full swing, with wild weather, winter festivals, and a series of natural phenomena, including the Lunar Moon and Aurora Australis, coming up in the next few weeks. There’s no better time to get experimental with your photography, using, Kyōyū, Canon Australia’s new creative sharing platform that gives you access to a range of professional equipment to rent, so you can get the shot you want.

Kyōyū allows you to rent out your photography gear or hire the camera and lenses you need, quickly and easily. Since the launch in March, one of Kyōyū’s providers, has rented out his EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II lens 6 times and now has a 5 star-rating from the community. Not only has he made some money on the side but he’s also enabled other photographers in his community to do more with their photography.

Simply sign up, send a booking request, pick up your gear and start shooting. Canon only wants you to pay for the days you use the gear, meaning pick up and return days in your booking period are free. Over 1,400 passionate photographers are already using the platform to list and rent equipment, from amateur enthusiasts to the likes of award-winning ‘Tales by Light’ director, Abraham Joffe.

We’ve pulled together some highlights from the equipment currently available on Kyōyū:

For professionals in the making: EOS R

Rent Your Camera Gear For The Lunar Moon And Aurora Australis
Rent Your Camera Gear And Capture The Lunar Moon And Aurora Australis

The EOS R, Canon’s debut mirrorless camera, thrives in low light and captures even the smallest twinkling like with sharpness and precision. Its intuitive controls and light weight body is perfect if you’re heading to your nearest festival of light. 

Kyōyū pricing from: $140/day

For those who are looking to capture every little detail: EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II

Aurora Australis pix

Capture all the action at Dark Mofo with this premium tele-zoom lens. Its state-of-the-art optical design, superfast autofocus drive and impressive image stabilization system will ensure that every you capture every moment.  

This lens has been given the tick of approval from multiple Kyōyū users already!

Kyōyū pricing from: $50/day

For those who are looking to try their hand at time lapse: EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM

Choose the equipment for your winter pics

The night sky this winter will treat us to outstanding phenomena like the Lunar Moon and the Southern Lights – make sure you capture these moments with the 14mm, a precise ultra-wide angle prime lens made for creatives looking to get the bigger picture. 

Kyōyū pricing from: $70/day

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