Review: Huawei Watch GT2 (46mm) – Light, Tough And Elegant

By Women Love Tech
on 20 February 2020

The first thing that strikes you when you put on the new Huawei GT2 watch is how light and unobtrusive it is, despite the large 46mm face. It doesn’t stick up from your wrist and get stuck in your shirt cuffs but rather sits close to the skin and looks and feels solid. The watch face hasn’t scratched despite tough use and you can swipe up and down with ease. In fact, it looks pretty cool and I’ve been on the receiving end of many compliments followed by unexpected interest when I tell people it’s a Huawei. They admire the neat default Shadows watch face which illuminates brilliantly at the click of the top button or a quick movement of the wrist. All in all, a good start, especially when I tell them I haven’t had to recharge it for a week!

Ok, so what can it do?

Well, it can do quite a bit and as with any smartwatch these days it takes a while to get used to. First, you need to download the Huawei Health App. This synchs quickly and seamlessly with the watch and keeps track of all activity, steps, activity intensity, real-time heart rate, sleep, stress and weight (needs input). Personally, I love the sleep feedback as it breaks it down into REM / Light etc and gives you a score. It has Trusleep 2.0 sleep tracking and TruRelax, monitoring your heart throughout. The great thing is, it’s slim and therefore not a distraction in bed. However, keep in mind, any wrist action will cause instant illumination to the watch face, which can be quite a light show, should you have guests.

You can also manage your music which is very useful for when you go running or do any sort of exercise. Other functions include changing your watch face, although I have to say the choice is slightly limited.

Huawei GT2

On the watch itself click the top button and you can select from many functions including Workouts, Heart Rate, Activity Records, Sleep, Stress, Timer, Contacts, Alarm etc. Go to Work Out and you can set it to your appropriate sports mode. Select from various activities from Running (many different categories) to Triathlon. Swimming is also included and has some useful breakdowns if using the pool and/or ocean swims. It can also accurately monitor your heart rate thanks to its 5ATM waterproof rating which is far deeper than anyone reading this review will go. If you do, you’ll be wearing some different kit, I guarantee.

The Huawei GT2 also has call, texting and email links to your phone. This can be useful if you are away from your phone in meetings and or elsewhere. I was in our warehouse just the other day and had a call on my phone which was situated back in my office over 50 metres away. I was able to answer and have a clear conversation on my watch, to the amazement of the person standing next to me. It reminded me that this technology is still in its infancy. Of course, had I wanted to, I could have called back from my watch. Fantastic.


GT2, smartwatch

Bottom line, this is a great watch which should meet the many requirements of most people who are after a fitness tracker that looks slick and is unobtrusive. The big stand out is the battery life but bear in mind this depends on the functions used. The downside is that it needs access to more Apps used by the fitness population, like Strava, if it wants to claim to be a fitness watch. However, if you don’t run marathons it does most of the things you’re looking for, plus it has an elegant design. Who needs more?

Get more information on Huawei’s latest smartwatch here and you can buy it here or from other select retailers.

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