Review: LED Light Therapy Mask by CurrentBody Skin

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 7 October 2021

I’ve seen LED light therapy on social media, but hadn’t tried it myself until I discovered the LED Light Therapy Mask by CurrentBody Skin. This mask is popular with celebrities including Kaley Cuoco, Renée Zellweger, Carey Mulligan, and Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot.

The mask has a cult following overseas and has landed in Australia. It might look a little strange, but it’s way better than holding a block light in front of your face.

Did you know has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 35% in 4 weeks?

It has been the winner of prestigious awards such as Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2020, Woman&Home Beauty Awards 2020, Pure Beauty Awards 2020 and Wardrobe Icons 2021.

The soft silicone mask helps to energise the cells in the deepest layers of your skin where collagen is formed. It promises a reduced appearance of wrinkles, a more even skin tone and firmer skin.

The device uses LED red and infrared light therapy to work with your body’s natural processes to tackle the signs of ageing. This technology is found in leading beauty clinics and salons around the world. There are no harmful UV rays.

Founder of CurrentBody, Laurence Newman says “We know that Australian beauty consumers are early adopters, ahead of the curve, and technologically advanced – all things we believe we are at CurrentBody. By cementing our footprint in Australia, we are aiming to continue our leadership as the biggest and best beauty tech offering in the world, especially as we transition into our own brand of devices.”

Box Contents

The LED light therapy mask box contains one wrap around white face mask with a USB cord, four power plug adapters (depending on your country), remote control, an instruction booklet, a quick reference guide card and Velcro head straps.

currentbody skin LED light therapy mask

Set up

It’s best to follow the Quick Reference Guide to set up your device. You’ll want to charge your mask first and it may take around 6 hours to be fully charged.

Then you’ll want to try it for just a minute and check how your skin reacts. The mask was slightly warm – a little like sitting in the afternoon sun. You may feel a gentle warming sensation.

To place it on your head, you can use the black Velcro strip around the two loops and tighten it so it stays put. I found it best to just lie down on the bed and relax. Make sure you can see through the eye holes and move the mask over your nose.

Skin sensitivity test – if your skin feels hot or uncomfortable, please stop using the mask. You can return the mask within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.

Do not use the mask outside or if you have a photosensitivity. (You may have a sensitivity to light as a side-effect of taking some medications or herbal remedies).

I prefer to leave my skin bare. Beauty expert Wayne Goss has created a collection of beauty products for a complete salon-inspired experience.

If your skin is okay after a short test, then you can try a full treatment the next day. A treatment will last around 10 minutes. It is recommended you use the mask 3 to 5 times a week.

I like to use the mask at the end of the day lying on my bed and listening to some relaxing music. It’s best to close your eyes and avoid looking at the lights.  The treatment passes quickly and I’m often pleasantly surprised when the session comes to an end and the lights turn off.

I have sensitive skin and had no issues. I prefer to use the mask on the weekends, but space out my treatments to allow my skin time to recover and repair.

I’d recommend keeping the box and storing the mask flat inside.

With professional LED light therapy treatment costing from AUD$35 to AUD$100, having your own dedicated mask will become a cost-effective investment after a couple of months.

LED Light Therapy Mask by CurrentBody Skin by CurrentBody Skin is an exciting item of wearable technology that is fully rechargeable and easy to use.

CurrentBody website:

Designed in the UK.

2-year warranty.

About CurrentBody

Founded in the UK 2009, CurrentBody is today the global leader in beauty tech and beauty LED, and the world’s only at-home beauty device experts. The company operates 17 dedicated international websites, a physical store within London’s House of Fraser, boasts more than 12 million website sessions annually – and Australia is tipped as a key growth market for the brand in 2021 and beyond.

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