Review: Second Generation Google Nest Hub

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 13 September 2021

I was surprised how much I liked the Google Nest Hub. The Nest Hub has a 7-inch display with 2nd generation software.

You can use the hub to control your compatible smart lights, devices and TV with a tap or your voice. You can stream videos and listen to music. You can set reminders, view your day at a glance, find recipes and get answers. You can view your photos.

If you’re not a fan of the microphone, you can easily turn it off. This allows you to have privacy, especially if you place it in the bedroom. I’ll turn the mic on, say a command and then turning it back off again.

I placed our Hub in the living room and it was a good spot to catch up news, watch a short YouTube video or listen to music. It might work well in your study if you like to listen to music while working. Or you could place it in the kitchen, where you can watch cooking videos and others while you wait for your food to cook.

The hub displays attractive and eye-catching photography as a screensaver. You can set a sunrise alarm, and even turn on sleep sensing for sleep tracking. (This feature requires a subscription service).

You can use Google Nest Hub to view YouTube, YouTube Music, Google Photos, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Netflix, Disney+, Spotify and Phillips Hue.

google nest hub

Google Nest Hub Box contents

The box contains a Nest Hub, power cable and some instructions cards. You can read a Let’s get started guide, instructions on controlling your privacy, and a safety and warranty card.

Google Nest Hub Setup

The setup was easy. You’ll need to plug in your hub and then download the Google Home app. Then add the hub to your app and play with the default settings.


  • Compact size with a speaker
  • Packs a punch without distracting apps like your mobile phone
  • Make hands-free calls
  • You can control your compatible smart devices with voice and touch control
  • Features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Thread and Chromecast built-in


  • You’ll need to play with the settings – my default news was a day old and the time was incorrect
  • The power plug is rather large and bulky

It’s best to try out different options with your Google Hub. You might need to experiment with different rooms to find the best place for it. I’m not a fan of asking questions nor it telling me the mic is off (especially when it wakes me up in the middle of the night!). Hence, we try to avoid having tech devices in the bedrooms. I prefer to use touch controls over the voice commands.

I like to be able to see my daily schedule without being seduced by time-wasting social media. I love listening to Triple J and Australian music via Spotify.

The Nest Hub Max has a larger monitor and a built-in camera for video calls and home monitoring. You might like to pair it with a Nest Cam so you use it as a baby monitor.  It might be an ideal way to let your children watch YouTube and Netflix in another room, instead of owning a second television or tablet that is docked.

There is a range of helpful tutorial videos on the dedicated Google Nest YouTube channel.

The Google Nest Hub is available in Grey and Black (with other colours available overseas).

Google Nest Hub is an affordable way to get started with smart home devices. The device seamlessly blends into the decor your home.

Works with Android and iOS devices.

Purchase from the Google Store website:

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