Review: Thronmax Zoom Boom Arm

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 16 May 2022

After receiving my microphone, I decided I’d like a boom arm to allow me to move the microphone closer to my mouth in a better spot and give me more flexibility on the desk. 

I tested a Thronmax Zoom boom arm. It is designed to work with all Thronmax microphones and supports most of the mics on the market. It is compatible with all standard shock mounts.

It arrived in a long skinny container. The box contains an extruded aluminium boom arm, clamp, colour user manual, stickers and adapters.

You don’t need to assemble anything. Just attach the clamp to your table, and then place the boom arm on top.

The c-clamp was easy to add to the side of my desk. Then it was easy to attach my microphone to the boom arm.

You might like to think about your preferred side of the desk or table, and this may depend on what side the USB port on your laptop or computer is.  arm.  I plugged it and it was ready to go.


  • 360-degree rotatable boom with a rotary knob to provide flexible angle adjustment and shift
  • The boom arm has a clip-on cable holder to keep your cables tidy.
  • Dual suspension springs on each boom arm to protect the microphone from shaking, suddenly dropping, and making noise
  • Foldable scissor arm design for compact storage and easy transport
  • Thread microphone holder suitable for most vocal and dynamic microphones
  • 32-inch reach and can hold 0.8kg

You’ll need the cable that came with your microphone, and you just clip it to the cavity of the boom arm. You can move the three clips on each side up and down.

I especially like the range of movement and you can easily swing the whole microphone to the side when it’s not in use.

We were able to attach the microphone to my desk without the use of a screwdriver. But on closer inspection of the instructions, one is recommended.

Thronmax Zoom Boom Arm is affordable, sturdy and easy to move around. I like the slim design, but at some point, I’ll swap my pink cord for a black one so it blends in better.

12-month warranty.

The Thronmax range is available from JBHifi and Amazon Australia.

About Thronmax

Thronmax, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of professional audio products, are launching their high quality, cost-effective range of microphones, web cameras, headphones and accessories into the Australia, New Zealand market – perfect for the music recording, broadcast, post product and streaming markets. With the boom in content creation, podcasts and streaming in AUNZ over the last few years, the Thronmax range offers high quality, effective and stylish products at a reasonable price. Everything you need to start a career as a successful content creator.

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