Samsung Audio Delivers A 360 Degree Sound Experience

Frederique Bros
on 10 November 2015

Samsung Electronics Australia has announced the local pricing and availability of three new additions to its R Series speaker range – the R5, R3 and R1.

The audio range further extends Samsung’s offering of multiroom wireless speakers designed to provide amazing sound quality to Australians and great connectivity through WiFi, Bluetooth and a mobile device application.

The new R Series range delivers high-quality and balanced sound through a circular design that can disperse audio in every direction, no matter where the speaker is placed in the home.

Easy to transport and install around the home through their table-top design, the speakers feature a simple tap-and-swipe user interface, as well as integration with the latest Samsung Multiroom mobile application.

“The new R Series speaker range delivers exceptional sound quality and represents the pinnacle of our continued investment in audio innovation and delivering an immersive experience for Australians,” said Philip Newton, Corporate Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Electronics Australia. “These speakers will deliver amazing sound quality from almost any position in the home, this is due to the 360-degree, omnidirectional, design that has been engineered to disperse audio evenly and in every direction.”

Sound dispersion is designed to fill the room 

Developed by the state-of-the-art audio research facility in Valencia, California, the R Series speakers incorporate the latest Samsung audio technology to deliver 360-degree omnidirectional and evenly balanced sound around the room.

Samsung’s Ring Radiator technology allows sound to be transmitted in all directions, filling the entire room with balanced 360-degree audio. The Ring Radiator delivers a superb balance of treble and bass to help minimise distortion. This is possible by putting the diaphragms of the woofer and tweeter physically close to the speaker’s sides. To improve this even further, an Acoustic Lens has been optimally designed to match the shape of the speaker unit to help ensure that balanced sound is dispersed in all directions, so it is spread evenly around the room. 

Samsung R1 Speaker

A more intuitive interface

The R5, R3 and R1 models exclusively feature new physical control options for a hassle-free and intuitive user experience. Consumers can now change the volume, play, pause, or select a different music source all with a gentle touch, tap or swipe on top of the speaker. 

A sound that follows you seamlessly

The R5, R3 and R1 models are also controlled through the updated Multiroom App for Android and iOS devices. The app – now with a revamped design and user interface – also allows users to universally search across all connected devices to select music, and create playlists all from a single screen, making it possible to seamlessly share music across compatible Wi-Fi connected devices throughout the home. 

How to Buy

  • Samsung R1 speaker – RRP $299, available now
  • Samsung R3 speaker – RRP $499, available now
  • Samsung R5 speaker – RRP $649, available now
  • Samsung R6 Portable speaker – RRP $599, available now
  • Samsung R7 speaker – RRP $699, available now

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Image Credit: Samsung

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