Days Of Note: Samsung Workshops To Help Fuel Innovation And Creativity

Women Love Tech
on 17 September 2018

As the gig economy and flexible working become the future of the Australian workforce, we find that a large number of Australians are choosing to take on a second job or a side gig that allows them to follow their passion. To remain competitive in this day and age, it’s more important than ever to cultivate a diverse range of skills. To help develop these skills in people and to empower them, Samsung is encouraging them to take a ‘Day of Note’ – a day to participate in a series of workshops and events that fuel productivity, innovation, and creativity.

In a new research endorsed by the company, it was revealed that Australia is a nation of knowledge seekers: nearly 80% of Aussies surveyed stated that developing new skills is always important for them (particularly high for 29-38 year olds, with 83% sharing this sentiment).

The key takeaways from the research included the following:

  • Over 50% of Australians are looking to complete a short, modular learning course in the near future.
  • Nearly 90% of Australians recognise the importance of learning a new skill, although half of those surveyed aren’t sure how they can gain a new or relevant skill to further their careers.
  • 52% of those surveyed were worried that many of the skills they currently have may become obsolete in another 5-10 years.
  • 85% of Australians surveyed expect companies to offer training and career-focused education throughout their working lives.
  • 18-28 year olds were most keen to complete short, modular learning courses, with 60% looking to complete a course of this type in the near future.
  • Over one third of Australians think 3-4 year university degrees will soon become obsolete, with nearly 50% of 18-28 year olds agreeing with this statement.
  • Technology is seen as the key tool to facilitate future success in the workforce, with 80% of those surveyed agreeing that those who can master technology will be best placed to succeed in the future.
  • 78% of Australians surveyed feel that technology is critical for learning and undertaking training.
  • 86% believe that technology has allowed greater access to learning and development.

In keeping with these findings and trends, Samsung has partnered with General Assembly to conduct Days of Note to help Australians access a selection of short courses designed to help their careers.

The jam-packed schedule (specifically designed to give Aussies quick skills to help kick-start their ideas, passion projects, or side hustles) includes workshops as well as keynote addresses and panel events by:

  • Danielle Palmer, Marketing Director, Samsung Australia.
  • Miriam Wood, GA Instructor and Mindset & Performance Coach.
  • James Frankel, Group Product Manager, Canva.
  • Michael Chetner, Head of Zoom ANZ.
  • Dean Swan, Head of Enterprise, Dropbox.
  • Michelle Duval, CEO & Founder, Fingerprint for Success.
  • Emma Sharley, GA Instructor & Co-founder and CEO at Shop You.
  • Ronni Kahn, founder CEO of Ozharvest.
  • Miriam Wood, GA Instructor and Mindset & Performance Coach.
  • Megan Bromley, head of employee experience at Hotels Combined.
  • Adam Jacobs, Founder of the ICONIC.
  • Fred Schebesta, Co-founder,

Until October 4th, Days of Note’s bespoke workshops will run daily from Monday to Saturday at WeWork’s offices in Pyrmont, Sydney. The sessions will cover ‘Success in the digital age’, ‘Design thinking 101’, ‘From problem to prototype’, ‘How to win at UX’, ‘Content marketing workout’, and ‘Introduction to coding.’

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