Shopping App To Help You Save Money – Shping

By Women Love Tech
on 23 November 2019

It’s the busiest shopping time of the year so here is an app you can download to help save money – Shping

The rewards app Shping will help you get some extra cash back while you shop from scanning product barcodes.

Shping has more than 30,000 users globally and over the past three months, Aussies have scanned a vast range of products a staggering 20,000 times using the app. Scanning products provides information about what it contains, where it was made and whether it’s certified or has been recalled.

In return for simply scanning or engaging with products on the app, users get rewarded directly by brands and retailers with Shping Coins. They work as a points system which shoppers can use to cash out directly into their bank account using the Shping app.

In December, when Aussies go to the supermarkets and shops to tick those must-haves and essentials off their Christmas shopping list, they will be rewarded with 10 times more Shping Coins than usual when they scan barcodes of products.

Conversion rate of Shping Coins into Australian Dollar:

  • Scan a product = 200 Shping Coins (equivalent to $0.09)
    For example: If you shop 100 items per month, you’ll get $9 back.
  • Invite a buddy (and he/she accepts) = 1,000 Shping Coins each (equivalent to $0.46)
  • Add a product review = 300 Shping Coins (equivalent to $0.13)
  • Add a new product = 500 Shping Coins (equivalent to $0.23)

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