Skypicker The New Way To Travel Cheaper

Frederique Bros
on 6 September 2015

Skypciker offers more than 18 billions of combinations of cheap flights every hour!

Skypicker is one of the fastest growing technology company in the travel industry.

Skypicker The New Way To Travel Cheaper

On the occasion of moving to the new headquarters Skypicker CEO Oliver Dlouhý revealed a new vision – inspiration.

“Do you need a travel inspiration? Visit and choose from more than 18 billions options of travelling every hour.” That is the message of Skypicker CEO Oliver Dlouhý spoken on the occasion of moving to new headquarters at the end of July.

Why is Skypicker so inspirational?

It is not just because of the number of travel options. is an innovative global search engine for plane tickets focused on the combination of uncooperative airlines to find unique flight connections and quotations of tickets convenient for passengers through advanced technological solution. If you are not decided where to travel, Skypicker is able to find cheap flights all over the world departing from your city by use of the unique algorithm.

“The main goal of Skypicker is to find the best possible option of cheap travelling and offer it to very each individual on the website. So if there is no specific destination, finds the most convenient flights by price or other selected criteria for everybody,” explained Dlouhý.

A year ago Skypicker was ten times smaller start-up. Since then, 30 software developers and webdesigners, headed by software architect Luboš Charčenko and their unique algorithm for searching of cheap flight tickets, have established one of the leaders on the market of cheap travelling.

“Skypicker web search started just with 2,5 millions flight prices per hour. Today, there are 15 billions. The algorithm is so technologically advanced that the fares are valid only couple of minutes and, then, they are being changed due to the development of market. Searching of flight combinations lasts 8 up to 200 milliseconds. Such a technology needs to be maintained by many IT specialists,” described Charčenko why the new headquarters had been necessary.

“Skypicker is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the region. As we offer more and more destinations and services to our costumers, we needed more space. And as Skypicker inspires travellers I feel inspired to build game-changer company by this amazing ancient place,” concluded his speech CEO Dlouhý and pointed to a historic villa built in the 20’s.

About Skypicker was established in April 2012 funded by the angel investment by Jiri Hlavenka, well-known Czech entrepreneur. However, the development started earlier, in 2011. First public beta was launched in May 2012 after 8 months of development and it was accepted very well both by the users and the journalists.
In December 2013, got an investment from Touzimsky Kapital Group and acquired, a flight search engine.

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