Speshio: Trusted Place For Group Support And Motivation

Frederique Bros
on 8 February 2016

Social networks have become a place for live broadcasting, including an overwhelming stream of baby photos, dinners, puppies, and rants. Speshio digital locker rooms provide what today’s social networks can’t – communication with purpose, meaning, and trust – and less noise for your groups.

With a focus on support and motivation, Speshio delivers on the promise that existing social networks weren’t architected for group communication, personal communication, meaning and trust.

Speshio is easy to use – Free – Apple – Google Play

  • Open the app and incoming media is automatically separated into two sections for each of your groups – Team Board and My Locker.
  • Like a bulletin board in a team locker room, group media is posted for all group members to see but personal pictures, notes and videos are in your individual locker that only you can open.
  • Conversations and comments happen away from your media in the Chat Zone. If you want to save a chat message to your locker, you can tap it once to “Note-It” and revisit it again later in your locker.

“Imagine a high school sports team in which the coach can post a motivational video before a game on the Team Board, but puts a personal supportive note in one player’s locker to help build her confidence because she missed an important shot last game.  A group of friends who no longer live in the same city, in which one member can share that he has a big exam coming up, and the rest of the group can put selfie videos in his locker wishing him good luck. A weight-loss challenge group, people supporting a friend through a health treatment, mentor groups, kicking a habit, the variety of groups is endless, ” envisions Speshio Founder and CEO Stephanie Slatt.  “This is what Speshio does – it delivers on the promise of social media to connect people in meaningful ways. No clutter. No noise.”

Good To Know

Speshio was designed in collaboration with real users and teams – coaches, players, students, mentors, trainers, patients, managers and more, with real goals. Gathering feedback, and learning how groups currently share played a key role in the growth and development of the app.

For more information, please visit www.spesh.io

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