Staying Relevant In The Age Of Technological Transformation

By Women Love Tech
on 22 April 2018

Kathryn Sforcina, Co-Founder & CEO – In Her Pursuit, writes about being a women and staying relevant in the age of technological transformation.

Unless you have your head buried in the sand, you can’t help but notice how quickly technology is taking over so much of our human functionality.

With AI and robotics comes the opportunity for companies to embrace all the upside human capital has to offer, without having to pay the price for the downside that can come along with it.

This should only be scary if you remain ignorant to how fast the tech landscape is moving and do nothing to move with it. If you choose to own where you are at in your career and/or journey as a business woman and are willing to recognise where the world of tech is taking us – you will be able to take heart that there is indeed a place for us all in the technological revolution, that you can remain relevant and that there are still exceptional opportunities to thrive.

So, what can be done to ensure our ability to contribute remains valuable and that you stay relevant and / or employable in this new technological landscape?

  • Don’t be an ostrich! Educate yourself as to how advanced tech has truly become.

This is no longer ideology. AI and robots can do everything from paint, to perform operations – 70% of jobs as we know it, won’t be there in 2-10 years time. Time to consider how you are going to address this with respect to your own future.

  • Conduct a thorough company and / or self-assessment.

How will you utilise your current product and service offerings, assets and skills to take advantage of the technological revolution and what do you need to improve upon to stay relevant?

  • Fill Knowledge gaps.

Adopt the attitude of a perpetual learner.

Study. Test. Recalibrate. Re-test. Evolve. Repeat.

  • Connect with the right resources, people & tech.

Utilising the right tools, whether they be physical resources or the connection of the right people, that can engage you with what your own road map needs to look like will give you an additional level of confidence when moving into unfamiliar landscapes.

  • Take a leap of faith and jump into new opportunities before you think you are ready.

Understand no-one is wholly ready to step into a new role, change the direction of their company or implement a new skill or resource but tech isn’t slowing down and it will continue to constantly evolve. You not only need to jump now but you need to be prepared to keep on jumping without ever being ready to do so.

  • Repeat steps #2 – #5 over and over again; conducting a company and/or self-assessment at a minimum of every six months if not more frequently.

Your ability to maintain a thriving business and /or remain employed is no longer a race against your fellow man – it is now a race against the machine. 

The only certainty we have is that change is underfoot and there isn’t a darn thing we can do about it.

The only choice you have in your control right now, is how you want to go about experiencing this change, but hurry – even that choice won’t be yours for the making for much longer.

About the Author:

Kathryn is the Co-Founder and CEO of In Her Pursuit.

In Her Pursuit is the new way for her to engage with resources, knowledge and people.

We help you stay relevant in the technological revolution by putting you in touch with the right people and products; at exactly the right time in your journey, for the right price.

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