Sunbolt Releases Velocity, A Low Cost Solar-Charging Outdoor Workstation

By Women Love Tech
on 29 June 2018

Don’t you just love combining technology, sustainability, and innovation? As the cool, new, and innovative product of the week, we introduce you to Velocity – Sunbolt’s newest lower cost sit-down workstations for outdoor solar charging of devices anywhere, including malls, schools, corporate campuses and other sites.

Backed by a business built on a strong do-good, sustainability focus, Velocity is the latest innovative product that makes electric wall outlets redundant. These outdoor solar charging stations enable users to sit comfortably outside, while quickly recharging any of their devices. Phones, tablets, laptops, charge them all. Need a charge at night? Can do too! A non-glare LED lighting system illuminates the station table for nighttime use.

The new Velocity has a structural steel frame, a concrete base, a marine grade polymer table top, and a 660W DC solar array. And it seats four to eight people comfortably!

The workstation’s also built tough (its architectural design is built as a fully engineered commercial grade structure) for use in all weather conditions, with a minimum lifetime of 30+ years. Now that’s impressive.

Like we said, useful, sustainable, and super innovative!

Sunbolt has installed workstations throughout the United States and Mexico. More information is available on their website.

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