Take Control Of The Way You Shop With Alphatise

By Frederique Bros
on 12 August 2014

We love shopping online. With only a few clicks we have access to desired products without leaving the house. Alphatise is an app and a website that gives you control over what you pay.

Say, for example, you want to purchase a leather jacket that retails for $300 but you’re only willing to pay $200. You post your wish, and a retailer such as Zara can choose whether or not to meet your price.

Take Control Of The Way You Shop With Alphatise 

How Does It Work?

  • First, download the FREE app and register, or you can log in with your Facebook account. Sorry, the app is for the moment only available in Australia.
  • Search for any product or store you desire.
  • If you can’t find the store or product you want in our system, add it to Alphatise yourself and wish for it anyway.
  • You can still get deals and Alphatise will reward users the more products they add.
  • Set how much you would pay, or how much of a discount you want.
  • Get offers that match your price or discount.

Why You Want This App

– First, the Alphatise app is beautifully designed, and easy to use and browse.

– You can create a wishlist and share it with your friends on social media. This way your girlfriends can take also advantage of the same deal.

– There are millions of products available to choose from. You set your own price, and if it’s accepted by the brand, the deal can take place.

– Like other shopping online apps, the payment is secure via credit card and Alphatise guarantees the protection of your personal details. Your purchases are tracked and delivered through trusted courier services.

Tip: Be realistic with your wish by using the indicator which shows you the likelihood of it being granted. There’s nothing to stop you from aiming high because you might just get what you want!


Alphatise has set itself a goal of 100,000 Australian users by the end of the year and will expand overseas soon after that. 

“By Christmas, we’ll have more products in our system than Amazon,” says Ben Nowlan, co-founder. He agrees it’s a lofty goal, but some investors are convinced. Alphatise has raised close to $3.5 million in venture capital and plans to expand to Southeast Asia next year.

Alphatise Site

If you love shopping online, you will love this app! Try it on, it’s free!

Image Credit: Alphatise

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