How Technology Can Help You Find The Perfect Parking Spot

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on 12 March 2018

Technology is helping motorists find the perfect car spot. Those of us who drive in and around busy cities can spend a huge amount of time finding a parking spot, only to have to pay huge parking fees and then walk for another 10 minutes to our actual destination. Apps like Parkhound help users pre-book parking spaces, making the daily commute cheaper, more reliable and convenient.

Parking in a city can be more than a little frustrating. It is not unusual for drivers to spend as much as 20 minutes looking for somewhere to park, and they can find themselves forced ever further away from their original destination in their search. If the trip takes 40 minutes, then this means the journey has increased in length by 50% just from the need to find a parking spot.

This ordeal is difficult enough when one is familiar with the city in question. However, when you’re on holiday or travelling somewhere unfamiliar, all of these problems are amplified. The temptation is to rely upon general navigation software since it will direct the user to dedicated parking. Unfortunately, general navigation software cannot tell the user whether or not there is any space available. Drivers still have to turn up and look for a park.

The problem isn’t necessarily the volume of parks available. It’s making sure that people know where to find these parking spaces when they need them. If people are forced to park somewhere they do not wish to due to lack of availability; then they are inevitably taking the space that someone else is wishing they could use. This has a knock-on effect, and the cycle begins again with the next driver.

The answer lies in dedicated parking applications. Websites like Parkhound have come into existence to provide precisely this service. It allows people to rent out their dedicated parking spots owned by other people who want to make money. Like with Airbnb and other similar services, the key is to connect people who have space to potential customers. This way the owner of a parking space can lease it out for a reasonable fee to those in need. This allows people who have to travel to plan ahead. Knowing that there will be a space available when they arrive saves time, money and stress.

Less time spent travelling means less money wasted on unnecessary fuel costs. Fair parking rates mean less money up front. Smooth journeys that are much less likely to run late cause less stress. Thanks to modern apps everybody wins. Those who own the parking but cannot use it, those who must travel but could not guarantee a space, and even the environment thanks to the reduction in emissions thanks to the time saved.

Parkhound is a community sharing site that connects people with a spare parking space to those who need it. The app allows people to easily book a parking space, making their commute easier while providing a way for others to earn an extra income. Parkhound was founded in 2013 to help consumers have access to convenient, cheaper parking options in a single community marketplace and is now Australia’s number one car parking marketplace.

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