Discover The Echo 5: Your New Tech Device For A Smart Home

Victoria Dezeraud
on 11 July 2019

Women Love Tech was invited to the presentation of the brand new member of the Amazon Echo Show Family: the Echo 5.

Sylvia Ding, Alexa Country Manager
Sylvia Ding, Alexa Country Manager in Australia

This new one is an ideal new home companion since it can be useful in every room of your home.

Echo 5
Echo 5

What Women Love Tech loved:

  • The compact size of Echo 5 makes moving it from room to room easy. Perfect for a bedside table or your mantle piece
  • great sound
  • quick and easy connectivity
  • responsive: I could ask for for anything like playing my favourite music and it was immediately responsive
  • customisable: you can build everything according to what you like and building your own experience: I loved the customisable morning and evening routines. I chose the one that gives me weather forecast, morning news, and emails update, all I have to say is “Alexa, start my day”.
  • Being able to easily call family abroad via Skype and still have my hands free and without having to stay too close to the device.
  • high level of privacy: there’s a microphone/camera off button that electronically disconnects both the microphone and camera, the camera also has a built-in camera shutter so you can easily cover the camera
  • its price: $129 AU RRP

What Women Love Tech dislike:

  • As I don’t have any other smart home device, I can’t enjoy the large range of features which is frustrating since Echo Show gives you even more control over compatible smart home devices like light control, thermostats… that’s on my list to fix.
Echo 5
Echo 5: useful device for your home office

Something I was unable to try at home but loved experiencing during the presentation was the two-way talk functionality with ring doorbell cameras. You simply say “Alexa, answer the front door,” when the doorbell rings or the camera detects motion, you can see and talk to the person at the front door.

Another great feature includes the stories from Kinderling, Huggies… made to keep kids entertained. Smart home technology makes life easier and it’s worth checking out what is now available.

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