The Elos Skateboard Is Your New Fun And Fast Way Of Getting Around

The Elos Skateboard Is Your New Fun And Fast Way Of Getting Around

If you’re tired of your daily commute to work or college by bus, train, car, ferry etc. and are yearning for a more fun, efficient, and environmentally-friendly way of getting around the traffic, we’ve got you covered. There’s a new mode of transport that can cut your travel time in half, also while being infinitely more enjoyable – the Elos Skateboard. It’s compact, it’s stable, it’s fun and fast! And it’s unlike any other skateboards, especially those that’re designed for extreme sports. 

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Created with the pretty-straightforward intention of “designing a board so friends and family would have an easier time learning how to ride,” Elos skateboards were developed with the support of over 600 Kickstarter backers from across the world. They’re great for lifelong skaters, but also perfect for new learners and beginners, or even those who just want to get from point A to point B in a fun way, and fast. Whether you’re going to work, getting around your college campus, or heading down for a quick doughnut/bagel run, the Elos skateboard would work perfectly. Oh, and it looks really darn stylish!

Weighing less than 2 kg (it weighs as much as your laptop and can easily fit in your backpack!), the Elos is super portable, without compromising on its stability. There’s also its patented Table-Dock system, which means you can easily place your Elos next to you on a desk or a table (it looks cute as a button tucked nicely while you’re at work or sitting at a cafe).

Elos tucked

The Elos has built-in reflectors (a very well thought out detail), which will make you visible to cars and other vehicles if you’re out at night riding the skateboard. With a design that’s inspired by race cars, the Elos is wide and stable with a low center of gravity; its big, lightweight wheels make it easier for beginners to balance.

And the skateboards give back as well! Last year, the Elos team sent two skateboards to a children’s community center in a small island in the Philippines. Predictably, the children were thrilled, and so Elos started the #RideWell program. Through this program, they will “donate skateboards to non-profit organizations to provide an opportunity in rural areas, especially for underprivileged children, to encounter similar life-changing experiences.”

The Elos skateboards are designed in California and made with top grade US hard rock maple. Every Elos skateboard is handmade by the Elos Team. The current version is available in four colours: Moonwalk Gray, Elos Blue, Clear Maple, and Maroon Red. You can order it here.

There’s a new Elos 2018 which will be in Charcoal Black, Elos Blue, Clear Maple, Ocean Green, Maroon Red, and Coral Red. It’s available for pre-order on Kickstarter until July 14th 2018. After that, it will be available through the Elos Skateboard website in late 2018.

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