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The Largest Gaming Events In Australia And US Are Going Virtual

PAX Online 2020

As a solution to the COVID-19 restrictions, PAX – one of Australia’s and the US’ most attended gaming events – is launching its very first online global gaming event which will provide die-hard fans with 24-hour-a-day content for 9 days…free of charge!

Since many of our favourite events like sporting and concerts have been cancelled, a lot of them have been broadcast online or even postponed to a later and safer date. Among these events includes the very popular gaming events that occur around the world year in year out.

“PAX Online will recreate that shared experience, along with everyone’s other favorite elements from game reveals, exclusive hands-on experiences, the chance to hear from and speak with your favorite game developers, journalists as well as content creators, and so much more,”

said Jerry Holkins, co-founder of PAX
PAX Online 2020, Gaming event
PAX Online 2020, Gaming event

Gamers from around the world will be able to tune into the PAX Online 2020 event for information on the latest “game reveals, exclusive hands-on experiences”, the opportunity to hear from game developers, journalists, other content creators in the industry, and even follow exciting esports tournaments.

Check out this Storytime Speaker from PAX East 2016:

Pax Online 2020 will be the ultimate virtual gaming space bringing the whole community together through the things they love the most. Just because the physical aspect is out of the question, does not mean that the spirit must fade away. PAX merchandise will remain for PAX Online 2020, including letterman jackets, hoodies, and pins that can all be pre-ordered here ahead of the event.

For more information on PAX Online 2020, you can follow PAX on twitter, PAX on Facebook, PAX on Instagram and visit the official website.

Emeric Brard

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