To Beard Or Not To Beard? Snapchat’s Beard Lenses Can Help

Emeric Brard
on 22 June 2020

Ever wondered what it’s like to have a beard? Or for those who have already got a beard, do you imagine what it looks like to go bare again? Whether you have or you haven’t, Snapchat’s Beard Lenses are definitely one that will either help you make your mind up or put everyone in stitches.

This lens is part of Snapchat’s Machine Learning advances, as Eitan Pilipski mentioned in a recent interview with us, which could see lenses like this one more available to users. ML also lets creators push their creativity and capabilities to the limit when it comes to AR.

But these beard lenses aren’t only for the men. Of course, with men, they can decide whether a beard is a style to pursue or not. Or if they’ve forgotten what their bare faces looked like, they can check that too – especially for the many who’ve let their facial hair grow past the George Clooney five o’clock shadow phase during isolation.

For women it can be fun to just see what it’d be like, and plus it’s funny to send through to friends!

These lenses let users add a beard…

Or remove it to see what you look like with a baby face…

The lenses are available today to try out. To try out the Beard Lens, click here to scan the code. For the Beard Removal Lens, click here.

To read the interview with Snap’s SVP of Camera Platform, Eitan Pilipski, click below.

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