Snapchat Games Lets You Become The New Wimbledon Star In Your Living Room

Women Love Tech
on 11 July 2019

Has Wimbledon made you want to jump on the closest tennis court? Well, Snapchat has created a game enabling you to hit the courts with friends in Bitmoji Tennis. To find the Snapchat’s real-time multiplayer gaming platform, open a Chat or Group Chat and tap the rocket icon in the Chat Bar to launch Snap Games. Tap ‘Bitmoji Tennis’ in the game drawer and start serving!

Play tennis on snapchat
Snapchat Games – Start serving!

Tap to serve the ball and run left and right – your racket will swing automatically when you get near the ball. Tilt your device to aim your shot – and yes you’re almost a Wimbledon star! The first player to five points wins. 

The Snapchat tennis bitmoji
Snapchat tennis bitmoji

You can either train solo, challenge a friend to a match, or hit the courts with a group of friends for rounds of winner-takes-next. Your stats are easy to follow in the main menu. If you want to upgrade your tennis racket, you still can watch a short ad between games. 

Play with friends on Snapchat Games

Snapchat lovers spend an average of 30 minutes a day on the platform, and games like this is what is keeping them engaged, so check it out.

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