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Two Ways To Test Your Website For Mobile Phones

Two Ways To Test Your Website For Mobile Phones

The trend for surfing the web via a mobile phone and tablet are not slowing down, so it’s imperative that your website is designed for these devices.

Companies need to ensure that all of their digital content is optimised to provide a great user experience on mobile phones and tablets, while also catering for desktops and laptops. This is often referred to as ‘responsive design’.

A non-responsive design might take a long time to download on a mobile phone, or the user may need to scroll horizontally to view all of navigation or contents. If a user finds your website frustrating to use they will quickly leave.

The two quickest ways to test is to browse your website using a phone and a tablet and submitting the web address into Website Grader.

Website Testing on a Mobile Device

The easiest way to test your current website design is to use your own phone and have a look at how easy it is to navigate and complete tasks.

Depending on your original website design it might look different depending on the browser and phone or tablet screen size. Next time you are with some family members or friends, ask them if they have any feedback on your website. Make sure you cover both Apple, Windows and Android devices.

Website Testing using an Online Tool

There are a number of different websites you can use to test your website for responsive design. Some are more technical and might show heat maps (the most frequented areas of your website).

The best website for an easy to read report is Website Grader by HubSpot. Website Grader is a free online tool that grades your site against key metrics like performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security. Since launching millions have websites have been submitted.

Submit your website to Website Grader:

Where to from here?

You can complete a more thorough website testing by setting up a list of typical tasks a typical visitor might complete on your website. An independent person then silently watches a group of new users complete the tasks, jotting down any feedback or spots where they are unclear on the navigation or what to do.

If you discover that your website is not mobile-friendly or takes a long time to download, it is definitely time to consider a redesign.



Written by Emma Crameri

I am a Brisbane-based freelance technical reviewer and writer. I have experience working in ICT, online education and digital marketing. I can turn your ideas into engaging and shareable online content. I'm an early adopter with both Android and Apple devices. I'm also the Editor of the Brisbanista website.


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