Understand The Ingredients Inside Of Your Cosmetic Products

By Frederique Bros
on 30 April 2014

I love to be feminine and look after myself. I am also a vegetarian, and when I buy cosmetic products I will like to be sure that the creams and makeup I buy and use on my face do not have poisonous ingredients and of course they are not tested on animals. But how to be sure? It’s time to understand the ingredients inside of your cosmetic products.

I found this iPad app – it’s easy to use and the result was I threw out some of my very expensive products!

Cosmetifique – $1.29 – iPad

Cosmetifique shows you the quality of the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) of your cosmetic products. You will finally know if the cosmetics that you have bought or those you are going to buy are really valid and above all if they are dangerous for your health or for environment!

Cosmetifique will revolutionize the way of manage your cosmetics! When you look for ingredients Cosmetifique will show you bubbles of different colors (green for good, yellow for acceptable, orange for not good and red for awful) that will enable you to check the danger of the ingredient.

How Does It Work

– Except looking for single ingredients you will be able to save in favorites your cosmetic products: thanks to Cosmetifique you will be able to add their name, the brand and even the color! Adding ingredients to your product Cosmetifique will say to you, thanks to a complicated algorithm, if, on the whole, the quality of the cosmetic is good.

– Thanks to a simple and intuitive design, you will have all under your control.

– With Cosmetifique you will be able to share your products via mail, via Facebook or via Twitter, and your friends will know if a product is really valid!

– Your cosmetics will be arranged for brand so you will easily find the cosmetics that you want to share.

An advice? Bring with you Cosmetifique when you go shopping, add the product that you want to buy and on the basis of the valuation of Cosmetifique you will decide if take into consideration or not the product.

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