Unique Design Furniture iPad & iPhone Charging Station

By Frederique Bros
on 25 May 2016

We are all the same when it comes to our devices they are over the house. It’s quite crazy the quantity of time I spent looking for my phone, tablet or another phone. I’m not talking about how many times I forget to recharge them the best time: just before going to bed.

Here a beautifully designed piece of furniture to help you to keep all your devices tidy with no messy wires.

Dittrich Design decided to address this need, not by creating another gadget, but rather by creating furniture. This is where the Alldock comes in.


Alldock was conceptualized in 2012 as an element of interior design. The goal was to reduce cable clutter in an elegant, gimmick-free manner. Today they can proudly assert that the Alldock’s design allows it to look as great in your living room, as it does on a conference table or in a hotel.


1. Avoid Cable Chaos

No more cable mess in your living room. No more looking for cables to charge your portable devices. No more shortage of charging cables for you guests or family.

2. All-Round Compatibility

It’s a universally compatible USB charger. You can use it to charge any smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or fitness band. Many cameras and flashlights can be charged too.

3. Maximum Charging Speed

It can charge up your phone to up to 80% of its capacity in under an hour. What’s even better is that attaching additional devices to the Alldock does not reduce the charging speed for each individual device.

4. Timeless Design

They designed the Alldockto look as great on the conference table as it does in your living room. In their 25 years of experience as design professionals they’ve learnt how to keep their products clean, functional and gimmick free.

5. Premium Materials

Only the finest materials are used in the production of the Alldock. Their models are hand-crafted from 100% natural bamboo and walnut, originating from sustainable forests in China and New Zealand.

6. Flexibility to match any décor

The power is in your hands. For all who like individuality their have so designed the Alldock so that all materials can be combined with each other.

7. One-Hand Docking

The new Alldock now allows you to dock up to 3 devices with just one hand. You can slip your smartphone or tablet without adjusting the cables underneath. The fourth slot gives you the flexibility to charge any other device such as a camera.

8. Magnetic Fixtures

The magnetic fixtures that line the inside of the new Alldock ensure a snug and secure fit for their add-ons.


The Alldock comes in both a 4 Port / 4 Rail Medium Configuration & a 6 Port / 5 Rail Large Configuration. Pricing for entry Classic Range starts at RRP $159 & tops out with their naturals large Walnut at RRP $259.


The full range & free shipping is available via their website: www.Alldock.com.au

About Dittrich Design

Dittrich Design is a furniture design atelier, which was founded over 25 years ago in Wuppertal, Germany. The Wuppertal University is considered to be one of the best schools for industrial design and the city itself – Germany’s capital city for product design. Over the years Dittrich Design introduced many successful products to the international market. One of them, the Z-Desk, has sold over 1 million units worldwide.

I have teamed up with AllDock for this article.

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