The Most Useful Weather App

By Frederique Bros
on 18 January 2021

Have you noticed how people love talking about the weather, too hot, too windy, too cold or not enough? After our recent windswept weather, it’s been a hot topic of conversation.

And, if you want to know exactly what’s going on then it’s a good to get the best weather app. After some research, what I found is Weather + is the winner, and to top it off it’s a free app.

It’s definitely the most useful weather app from a wide selection, so let’s see why this one is different.


– Weather+ includes a wide range of professional features.

– Weather and time details for an unlimited number of cities in the Full Version.

– Full screen video loops of the weather in the selected location.

– Fully functional for all smart phones.

– Standard weather info like condition description and temperature.

– Wind direction and speed details.

– Humidity, precipitation, pressure and visibility details.

– 3-hourly weather forecast for a total of 5 days.

– Swipe the screen from left to right to switch between selected locations.

– Flip clock with World Clock time of your current location and of the selected location.

– Switch between Fahrenheit/Miles and Celsius/Kilometers

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Full Screen Video

Weather+ gives you current weather conditions and a 5-day forecast of all worldwide weather stations. The information is visualized with beautiful full screen video loops for all conditions. This combined with a Flip Clock and a World Clock upgrades your ipad to a weather station like you never imagined.

Universal App

Fully functional on all devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) > No additional costs!

Widget Layout

You also can change the arrangements of the widgets manually:

– Show clock, daily & hourly forecast

– Show clock & daily forecast

– Show clock only

– Show one minimal widget at the bottom

– No widgets, text only


– Apple: App Store Essentials – Apps Starter Kit

– The Daily: Featured in The Daily App

– Weather+ for your forecasting pleasure

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