Love Your Mobile But Want To Keep The EMR At Bay? We Checked Out DefenderShield Airtube Earbuds

By Pamela Connellan
on 25 May 2022

A lot of us want to reduce our exposure to electromagnetic radiation from our mobile phones. But we know we’re still going to need to call people and we still want clear sound quality. Here at Women Love Tech, we trialled DefenderShield Airtube earbuds to see what they’re like and if they can deliver a workable solution.

If you’re concerned about EMR (electromagnetic radiation) then DefenderShield earbuds will reduce the levels of this radiation – airtube headsets in general have been found to reduce EMR exposure by up to 98%, compared to a standard, wired headset or wireless headset. The DefenderShield headphones have been shown to significantly reduce exposure from all your smart devices – but particularly your phone – see here for more information on this.

How do AirTube headsets work?

How the AirTube headsets work is by putting distance between you and your phone. AirTube headsets are constructed using two sections – the first section, leading from the phone to the speaker, is wired. The second section, leading from the speaker to the ear, is a hollow tube of air.

The benefit to you is the fact you’re putting distance between yourself and your phone – an it’s governed by the Inverse Square Law of Physics, meaning that, as you double your distance from your phone you’ll quarter your exposure to it. The hollow tubes of air used in AirTube headsets mean you’re essentially forced to create a distance between your head/ear and the speaker mid-way up the headset – and this means the sound reaches your ear with virtually no EMR. 

Are they a working solution?

The big question still remains though – are these earbuds comfortable and will you actually use them? As well – we want to know if they’ll deliver the sort of sound quality you’re after?

Well, after trialling these earbuds we found the answers to these questions. For a start – yep – these earbuds are comfortable. They come with three sizes of earbuds and three sizes of sports tips and you also get a shirt clip to keep the earbuds in place if you’re exercising and this all adds up to a pretty comfortable fit.

The DefenderShield earbuds don’t get caught up and tangled that easily because they’re made with a copper-infused braided nylon cord which doesn’t bunch up too much – but it gives you extra protection.

They come with a built-in hands-free microphone and are fitted with a standard 3.5mm jack. An adaptor is required for newer models of iPhone and Samsung phones.

The earbuds feel comfortable when you have them on and this means you’re more likely to use them. They also produce a high quality of sound when you’re on a phone call which is important. When you use them the sound actually sounds better – and clearer – than when you’re holding the phone right up to your ear.

Why did Earthing Oz choose these earbuds?

We sourced these earbuds from Earthing Oz – an Australian company, owned by Laura Graham. Initially, the company was mainly selling earthing products, but as Laura said: “Due to customer demand, we decided to try and find the absolute best AirTube headsets currently on the market. We took a lot of factors into consideration when making our choice including the sound quality, EMR reduction, quality, customer reviews and the price.”

Laura says she’s personally owned and tested over 20 pairs of Airtube headsets on the market and the DefenderShield Airtube Headsets were her “top choice after many hours invested into using the products, and reading customer reviews.”

She said the DefenderShield Airtubes deliver a clear sound and it was: “By far the best sound quality of all the Airtube headsets I have tried. They have professional-grade stereo quality speakers.”


The DefenderShield earbuds come with a standard 3.5mm jack but as we mentioned earlier, an adaptor is required for newer models of iPhone and Samsung phones. It’s best to buy a branded version of the adaptor as imitation adaptors are not guaranteed to establish a successful connection between the device and the AirTube headset. These adaptors can be purchased separately from all major electrical retailers. 

Caring for your DefenderShield AirTube headsets

AirTube headsets are constructed to a standard wired headset so instead of one continuous, unbroken, cable, they’re constructed in two sections. Because of this, they’re inherently more fragile than wired headsets and should be treated with extra care when handling. 

Because of this, it’s important not to pull too hard on these headsets when getting them out of bags, drawers, pockets etc as they can sometimes break or come apart. The DefenderShield AirTube earbuds come with a protective pouch so it’s a good idea to keep them inside the pouch when you’re not using them.  

If you need to work out which DefenderShield headset would be best for you, you can take a look at the company’s product comparison chart here. You can also click here to read some reviews on the DefenderShield Airtube headsets.

More about Earthing Oz: Founded in 2009, Earthing Oz was the first company in Australia to stock practical, indoor earthing solutions. The company then extended into electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) protection and they now specialise in these types of products as well. You can visit Earthing Oz here.

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