What Women Love About Smart Technology And Cars 

By Ruby Feneley
on 3 February 2022

Women don’t care about cars – right? Wrong. Increasingly, vehicles like GWM Haval’s H6 SUV are hitting the mark with female consumers. They’re safe, sync with your tech and make road trips a breeze.

I got behind the wheel late in life – I started as a freelance makeup artist at 23 and realised lugging my kit to shoots on public transport wasn’t going to be sustainable (neither was my career as a makeup artist, as it happens).

At the time, I didn’t consider what was behind the hood of a car. My priorities were it felt safe, was easy to drive and was small enough to park in Sydney while being big enough to lug all my stuff.

Seven years into driving? When looking for a car, my shopping list has changed – in 2022 tech is a critical part of the purchase. Living in the city centre and working from home, the majority of the time I get where I need to go on foot or by public transport. I usually drive when I’m going long distances – and apparently, that’s a trend. 

Haval 6
Smart technology and cars: the Haval 6 dashboard has it all.

Back in the driver’s seat: In 2019 the New York Post shared that three in four people prefer driving over flying. The study found that the average American was willing to add six and half hours to their journey if it meant they could avoid the airport. Moreover, 73% of the study group actively enjoyed the road trip aspect and found it more enjoyable. This trend has only accelerated (no pun intended) as Covid19 has transformed flying into a high-risk venture, and interest in seeing new parts of Australia increases. In this environment, mid-sized and medium-sized SUV’s are taking off.

Vehicles like the new Haval H6 factor in the little details that make long drives more comfortable. Syncing easily to your devices, the H6 is great when it comes to connectivity. Other bonuses include a heated steering wheel (helpful if you’re holding that bad boy for 6+ hours) and 8-way power adjustment seats providing the most comfortable seating position. 7 NVH acoustic packages minimize noise disturbance making for a safer, more comfortable driving experience (and you can blast tunes without the person next to you in traffic realising you’re not quite over Taylor Swift’s “Red” album). 


Haval 6
Smart technology and cars

What women want in a car:

Safety and convenience are still number one priorities for women buyers, who make the majority of family vehicle purchasing decisions. That, and convenience, are still a priority for women. The H6 is equipped with Mobile Eye Q4 technology that can make real-time calculations, 14 radars and five cameras. This makes for the safest autonomous driving yet, and assists with collision avoidance, intelligent cornering (that considers road surface) and auto emergency braking. There are endless active safety features. Meanwhile, passive safety features are built into the car, including pedestrian and driver protection.  

Haval 6
Get behind the wheel of the latest Haval car.

My favorite feature? As the worst parker I know, male or female, the all-scenario automatic parking and 360-degree view makes life with a medium SUV a breeze.

Learn more about the Haval H6 

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