When Technology Meets With Australian Real Estate

By Frederique Bros
on 25 November 2015

Described as “game-changing technology” by Australia’s largest real estate network, ActivePipe is a new, Australian-developed, real-estate industry “data discovery” platform that looks set to turn the worldwide real estate industry on its head.

ActivePipe is a unique subscription-based software system that automates communications to the customer on the agent’s behalf.

The predictive algorithms developed by ActivePipe alert the agent to which of their contacts are imminent buyers or sellers.

While it has only been on the market for a short amount of time, real estate networks and agents are already reporting significant increases in sales and listings directly as a result of implementing ActivePipe into the running of their real estate businesses. 

ActivePipe has been embraced by the Australian real estate industry and has already been adopted by over 50 real estate networks across the country, including the two largest networks.

The system also drives attendance to open for inspections and automatically surveys attendees for their feedback on the property.

Agents across all networks have reported increases in appraisals, listings, properties sold, inspection attendances, pipeline conversions and the discovery of future sellers and buyers.

Some of the agencies are maximising the potential of ActivePipe and are driving cross-channel lead generation for their mortgage lending divisions.

Given the market penetration achieved in Australia and with the efficacy of the product being market-validated, ActivePipe expects to have its first UK client live before Christmas.

ActivePipe’s developers, The Digital Group, are currently fielding licensing requests for the technology from Asia and Europe.   

Features Of ActivePipe Include:

  • ‘Engagement Intelligence’- ActivePipe harnesses engagement data and refines future property communications specific to each person’s interests.
  • ActivePipe’s predictive algorithms accurately predict intending buyers and sellers of property.
  • ActivePipe automatically notices when a client’s search criteria have changed, and adjusts the information being sent to suit the new criteria.
  • Profiling surveys of users
  • Online feedback is automatically solicited based on property inspections
  • Fully automated communications
  • Standardised branding and messaging across all communications – fully device responsive.
  • ActivePipe’s communications directly drive all engagement activities to the client’s website (one client is on track for ActivePipe generated web traffic of 30M p.a.)
  • New listings are communicated to a branch’s database often before they appear on real estate portals, providing an agent’s contacts with unique timing benefits.
  • With open rates and engagement levels around
  • 60+% ActivePipe’s communications are proving a hit amongst both the industry and consumers.

For more information, please go to www.activepipe.com

Image Credit: Logitech

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