Women Love Tech Joins Forces With The Harness Project

By Women Love Tech
on 19 February 2018

Women Love Tech is proud to join forces with Harness Projects to help women skill-up in digital by working with real companies to solve real challenges.

I have been in media for over 30 years, and in that time, I have seen a lot of changes: from how women are viewed in society, to how the media presents women and how women perceive themselves.

I believe we are at a tipping point where the representation of women in all parts of society isn’t just an issue of equality, but one of strategic importance to how we evolve successfully as communities, cultures, countries and as a global community.

With so much disruption happening all around us, there has never been a more opportune and important time for women to connect, engage and empower each other to bring forth new realities.  One of Foyster Media’s online platforms is WomenLoveTech.com which provides inspiration and guidance for women who love or work in technology.

More and more women are acquiring digital skills to help future-proof their careers and WLT is a great go-to site for the latest developments.  I have recently joined forces with an amazing business called Harness Projects.  They too want to empower people to skill-up in digital by working with real companies to solve real challenges.

We have partnered with Harness to create the Women Love Tech project which teaches user experience design skills.  While building these digital skills, learners will be helping me to explore new ways to engage and empower the WomenLoveTech audience. I am looking forward to working with people eager to learn these new skills and provide insight and guidance along the project experience.

Our goal is to make sure WomenLoveTech.com continues to grow and be the source of inspiration and guidance for all women in technology.  You can find out more about our project at http://www.harnessprojects.com.au

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