Review: 10 Reasons to Love Thermomix’s Limited Edition Sparkling Black TM6

By Angela Silberberg
on 24 September 2023

Over eight years ago, during my high school days, I embarked on a culinary adventure that transformed my kitchen experience, all thanks to my loyal companion – the Thermomix. This multifunctional marvel has supported me through thick and thin, and it continues to elevate my cooking endeavours with its unmatched versatility and efficiency.

Having long been a user of the TM5 model, I jumped at the opportunity to give the newer TM6 model in the limited edition Sparkling Black colourway a test drive. Let’s delve into the reasons why my Thermomix remains an irreplaceable tool in my kitchen:

1. Time-Saving Masterpiece

From late-night study sessions to busy workdays, my Thermomix has rescued me on numerous occasions. Its ability to chop, blend, and cook simultaneously has allowed me to put together delicious meals in a fraction of the time it would usually take.

2. Precise Temperature Control

As my cooking skills evolved over the years, so did my appreciation for the Thermomix’s precise temperature control. It’s been invaluable for executing temperature sensitive recipes like custards and hollandaise. The sous-vide setting on the TM6 also deserves a special mention here. This function is not one that is offered on my TM5 model so I was very keen to give it a go and I have not been left disappointed. Whilst typically considered a difficult technique to master, Thermomix holds your hand every step of the way and makes restaurant quality food easily achievable. 

3. One-Pot Wonder

Since moving out of my family home after finishing university, I have been living in a much smaller apartment with limited kitchen space. Thankfully, the Thermomix’s all-in-one design has made it possible for me to prepare a variety of meals without cluttering up my kitchen. Whilst Thermomix is on the pricier side for a kitchen appliance, there is a lot that you don’t need to purchase if you make the investment. Think no blender, stand-mix, rice cooker, steamer, juicer, scales, slow cooker, etc. The list goes on. 

4. Versatile Blending

The Thermomix’s powerful blending capabilities have allowed me to experiment with countless smoothie combinations, soups, and even homemade nut butters – all without the need for an additional blender. It’s also particularly useful for blending foods into flour, like almonds and rice. 

5. Steaming Excellence

After finishing high-school and entering adulthood, I like to think that I have become a lot more health-conscious. Thermomix helped with this journey during my university years. The steaming function that the device offers became a go-to for preparing my meals, allowing me to lock in the nutrients in fresh foods and giving me freedom to explore new and nourishing recipes.

6. Whisking and Emulsifying Made Simple

With the Pavlova being a crowd favourite in my family, I have spent countless hours in the kitchen as a child with my Mum whipping up meringue with a hand mixer. The Thermomix, however, can whisk up a cloud-like meringue effortlessly, allowing me and my family to indulge in this favourite a little too often!

7. Customizable Recipes

A game-changing function of the TM6 is its internet connectivity. This allows you to access Thermomix’s vast library of recipes anywhere, from your appliance or a web browser. You can select recipes for the week and create shopping lists. Whilst these pre-set recipes are a great launchpad,  they offer flexibility to adjust ingredient quantities and flavors to suit evolving tastes. Of course, you can also entirely free style with the machine and use the functions without following a recipe. 

8. Beginner-Friendly

My Thermomix has been an excellent teacher for my two younger sisters, introducing them to the joy of cooking. Its guided cooking feature has made it easy for them to whip up tasty treats, and helped develop them a passion in the kitchen.

9. Easy Cleaning

Throughout my busy student life, I appreciated how easy the Thermomix is to clean. With the bowl being able to come apart into individual components it’s easy and hassle free. In addition to this, the TM6 has a self-cleaning feature. Overall Thermomix has saved me time and effort, giving me time back in my busy schedule to focus on other aspects of my life.

10. Sentimental Value

Over the years, my Thermomix has become more than just a kitchen tool; it has become a cherished part of my journey as a cook. It has witnessed my growth and passion for culinary arts, making it an irreplaceable and sentimental piece in my kitchen.

My Thermomix has been a steadfast companion throughout my journey in the kitchen. From high school as a beginner to my present adventures as a seasoned home cook. Its time-saving capabilities, precision, and versatility have empowered me to explore and expand on my knowledge and repertoire and truly enjoy my time spent in the kitchen. As I look forward to the years ahead, I know Thermomix will remain an integral asset in my home and follow me on countless more culinary adventures. 

Limited Edition Sparkling Black TM6

The Limited-Edition Thermomix Sparkling Black TM6 comes with 17 modes, 30 functions, Wi-Fi connectivity and access to digital recipe website Cookidoo

Orders for the Limited-Edition Thermomix Sparkling Black TM6 can be placed through your Thermomix consultant or online at

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