From Electric Cars To 8k TV, Here’s 11 Tech Highlights From CES 2020

By Emeric Brard
on 16 January 2020

If you’re a tech-head and you missed out on CES 2020…here’s a recap of the coolest, most bizarre and fascinating innovations from the highly regarded annual event held in Las Vegas.

From concept-cars to brand new groundbreaking desktops and even lights that can help with dyslexia. Here are eleven highlights from this year’s CES convention!

1# Sony Vision-S (Concept Car)

Sony, Vision-S

This one came as a huge surprise to the CES attendees. When we think of Sony, we think Playstation. I think it’s fair to say that everyone was expecting a Playstation 5 announcement, which would’ve been gigantic (evidently they decided to tease us later with the logo). But that announcement was not to be, instead, they gave us something even BIGGER.

For it to be even bigger than the Playstation 5, it would have to be a car or something crazy like that…and that’s exactly what they did! Sony presented its electric car with the Sony Vision-S as well as herald plan to lead the way with its new sensor technology in the automotive industry.

2# ‘LexiLight’ For Dyslexia

LexiLight, Dyslexia

LexiLife’s ‘LexiLight’ was definitely an announcement that stood out for its immense benefits to dyslexic individuals. You’ll be wondering how in the world light can provide relief to dyslexics, and we wondered the same. What the LexiLight does is emit light that leads one eye to take priority over the other, thus allowing dyslexics to read clearer since dyslexia stems from both eyes sending information to the brain which confuses it. It’s said to work for 90% of dyslexics, which makes this innovation more than impressive.

3# Samsung QLED 8K TV

Samsung, CES 2020

Reportedly one of the first TVs to be certified by the 8K Association, Samsung’s 8K TV is sure to produce some stunning visuals with it hitting a minimum of double what UHD is (7,680 x 4,320 resolution).

4# LG OLED ‘Wave’

LG OLED Wave, CES 2020

LG put on a show once again at CES 2020 with this mesmerising display of over 200 55-inch LG OLED digital signage screens. The result? An impressive wave of colour for all to admire.

5# ‘The Hear’ For Hearing Aids

The Hear, OrCam, CES 2020

Another innovation that could benefit hundreds of thousands of people. The Hear, produced by the Israeli company, OrCam, is a camera that isolates the sound of an individual’s voice through AI lip-reading technology making it much easier for people with hearing difficulties to understand what is being said.

6# NextMind Bluetooth Headband To Control Your TV

NextMind, headset

NextMind’s Bluetooth headband could rid all your TV viewing problems. No more looking for the remote and asking people to stand up to see if they’re sitting on it.

This headband uses electrodes to monitor a wearer’s visual cortex, which basically means that, thanks to brain-computer interfaces, people in the future may be able to control devices by imagining what they want it to do, like switch a channel or skip a song. The future is here!

7# DJI Incubated Livox Lidar

DJI Livox Lidar

DJI announced Livox Lidar, two sensors (Tele and Horizon) that will drastically improve autonomous driving, mapping, mobile robotics and more via the use of a groundbreaking scanning method.

8# TCL 10

TCL, tech, CES 2020

Soon after releasing their first branded smartphone, TCL has begun 2020 as they mean to continue with the TCL 10; their first 5G compatible phone.

9# Samsung ‘Sero’

Samsung, Sero

Labelled as the TV for ‘Generation Z’, the Samsung Sero was announced at CES 2020 as the TV that connects to your phone and also rotates automatically to adapt to your phone screen’s orientation. Not only is it in sharp 4K, but also a style complement to your home.

10# Lenovo ‘ThinkVision’

Lenovo, ThinkVision, tech

This sleek-designed 4K monitor has got everybody excited about its impressive design and expansive range of capabilities. This should be an incredible experience for watching movies, playing games and even working from home. But be wary, it’s not exactly cheap.

11# Acer Predator C6552K 55-Inch Gaming Monitor

CES 2020, Acer

For the ultimate gaming experience! At 55 inches, the Predator C6552K is bound to produce some striking images and popping life-like colours thanks to 4K OLED panel. 

Gamers can enjoy incredibly smooth gameplay, with an almost instantaneous response rate of 0.5 ms meaning that users can completely focus on what they’re doing without any disruptions.

It’s also extremely smart. If you approach it, the monitor will wake up, and if you leave it’ll put itself into sleep mode.

You can check out for more information.

What’s your favourite highlight from this list? Let us know in the comments!


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