Hatch Taronga Accelerator Program – Hatching Ideas For The Future

By Emeric Brard
on 16 January 2020

With 2020 starting on a relatively negative note, environmentally speaking, it seems fitting to kick things off with a positive response. Australia has been a victim of devastating bushfires across the Eastern States for the past few months; animals have perished and homes have been destroyed. In 2020, the Taronga Conservation Society Australia is starting a program called ‘Hatch’ to help address some of the environment’s most pressing issues.

bushfires, Hatch

The program is looking for the next group of innovators, disruptors, thought leaders and forward thinkers to help not only spread but implement their brilliant ideas to make our planet better.

Applications are now open for those who think that they’re up for the task. The finalist teams that make the cut will take part in a three-month ‘Accelerator program’ which includes workshops with subject matter experts and peer support from thought leaders with similar goals. Belinda Fairbrother, Manager, Community Conservation and Engagement, and a key driving force in the ‘Hatch’ program encourages women in STEM to come forward.

She says that the work of Taronga’s women in STEM “shows us first-hand the positive impact that women in science and technology make, and we hope that our female STEM leaders can be an inspiration to other women to pursue opportunities to use their STEM skills to create a better world.”

Hatch, Belinda Fairbrother, environment
Belinda Fairbrother and David Slip of the Taronga Conservation Society Australia

At the end of the three months, each finalist will present their idea to a panel of experts with the winning initiative receiving up to $50,000 in funding. Belinda adds that “often people in the STEM space don’t see themselves as entrepreneurs or know how to bring their brilliant ideas to life” and the ‘Hatch’ program could be the opportunity to do just that.

She concludes that the “program is a perfect opportunity for women in STEM with an idea to address an environmental or conservation issue, to receive support and guidance to turn their idea into a not-for-profit or social enterprise initiative that they can drive forward to have a positive impact in the world.”

For information on the program and entry requirement, visit the website.

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