3 Free Apps That Save You Money On Your Groceries

By Amanda Paul
on 30 July 2015

As a busy working Mum with a husband who works shift work, communication is key in our household to make things run smoothly. However, the days of leaving notes on the fridge, on the backs of envelopes, on email or on text, I feel, are gone for us and this system just does not work anymore. So I have introduced something I think all the cool kids should be doing and we’ve started using a shared grocery app. There are a few out there, but these 3 free grocery apps were top of my list for their convenience, functionality, money-saving abilities and nutritional characteristics.

3 Free Apps That Save You Money On Your Groceries

OurGroceries – Free or $5.99 for ad-free – Apple – Android

This is the bee’s knees of grocery apps. It’s so convenient and functional for busy parents or anyone in a shared household.


– Create your own categories to group food items

– Store your favourite recipes to view when in the supermarket

– Share lists with others and everyone can add or remove items as needed

– Barcode scanning function to store new/regular items in your lists

– Customised settings and categories

website: https://www.ourgroceries.com/overview

Love Food Hate Waste – Free – Website

I’m not much of a cook but could’ve done with this app months ago! A great app to “minimise waste and maximise taste”. An initiative of Holroyd City Council, in support of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage’s Love Food Hate Waste project. Statistics show that Australian households waste $1,036 each year in thrown-out or out-of-date food. This app allows you to create recipes with your leftovers whilst also tracking use by dates.


– Create recipes from leftovers

– Plan your menu to avoid wastage

– Learn how to store leftover ingredients to keep them fresher for longer

– Create recipes from odd ingredients in your pantry

– Contribute and access a realm of recipes other users have uploaded

website: http://www.loveyourleftovers.nsw.gov.au/

Foodswitch – Free – Apple – Android

For the more health-conscious, those child-free or those with a bit more time, this innovative app will help train your cravings, sway your habits and swap them for healthier options. 


– Barcode scanning function to easily interpret nutritional information for up to 90% of packaged foods

– Over 20,000 barcoded items already on the database to choose from

– Traffic light system shows total fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. In GlutenSwitch mode it will also show gluten levels

– Save healthier favourite alternatives so they appear in your next grocery shopping list

website: https://www.bupa.com.au/foodswitch

Image Credit: Depositphotos

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