5 Incredible Recipes & Dining Gluten Free iPad Apps

Frederique Bros
on August 27, 2015

For people struggling with inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders, gluten free has proven to be beneficial. Gluten free has now become part of a healthy lifestyle. Gluten free, along with cutting carbohydrates, and eating more vegetables and fruit, help some people lose weight.

Here 5 Free Incredible Recipes & Dining Gluten iPad Apps:

Snacks Gluten Free – Free – Apple

This app will show you how to make incredible gluten-free snacks such as 6 different power bars, 9 different crackers, deviled eggs, herb stuffed mushrooms, nacho cheese triangles, stuffed dates, trail mix and a lot more.

101 Gluten-free Recipes – Free – Apple

This intuitive and simple app features 101 healthy, delicious, gluten-free recipes from the team at Healthy Food Guide International. Whether you eat Gluten-Free or not, Healthy Food Guide has created a fabulous app with interesting and yummy looking recipes!!

Gluten Free Restaurant Cards – Free – Apple

This application allows people with Coeliac/Celiac disease to more easily dine out. It has over 40 card images from CeliacTravel.com in many languages that can be shown to a waiter/chef to explain the restrictions for those on a gluten-free diet.

Gluten Free Recipes by Top Chefs – Free – Apple

This app will show you how to make incredible gluten-free meals such as smoked haddock, fresh topped pizza, baked sea bass, creamy chicken bake, polenta bruschetta, rice noodles, chicken & leek pie and a lot more. Plus great desserts too.

Paleo Living Magazine – Free – Apple

Paleo Living Magazine provides information and inspiration to help you live a better, healthier, and more fun Paleo life. Entertaining articles and tips on diet, health, exercise, and nutrition and interactive and beautifully laid-out content.

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