5 New Podcasts to Fall In Love With

By Alice Duthie
on 7 August 2022

Looking for a fresh new podcast to fall in love with this month? Tune in to these thought-provoking podcasts while you’re on your commute to and from work, going for your daily walk or just chilling out.

The Deep 

new podcasts

From terminal parents to sex workers, extremists and drug addicts, The Deep is a place for thought-provoking conversations that help us explore who we are, when no one is looking. Cracked wide open by her past trauma, grief and abuse, host Zoe Marshall holds the space for others to share their fascinating stories and perspectives through these deep conversations.

Last Drinks

new podcasts

Last Drinks is a new podcast about how to live an awesome life without alcohol, hosted by radio personality Maz Compton, who has been sober since 2015. With the hope to re-frame the cultural norm of alcohol in our society, explore sobriety and sober curiosity through the lens of honest, engaging conversations and empower people to redefine their relationship with alcohol.

The Big Mouth

new podcasts

Tim Dormer explores life after reality TV. Unfiltered, raw and real! If you feel like a misfit in a world full of pretenders, then Tim wants to be your friend!

The Magic Drop

new podcasts

The Magic Drop is a podcast created and hosted by Isabelle Cornish.

Isabelle is an Australian Actor, Author, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and Personal trainer. Her mission is to help others to create the epic life they desire by dropping conscious content into the lives of a community worldwide. The Magic Drop is real and raw and takes a dive into various health and wellness topics to educate and inspire.

The Self-Love Club

the self love club

The Self-Love Club is dedicated to chatting about stuff that matters. Real talk and lols. Up your self-love and self-care game. Bel Crawford chats with influential guests and The Self-Care Series delivers exercises with experts

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