5 Spotify Playlists to Help You Destress and Chill Out

By Emeric Brard
on 22 March 2021

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley

Sometimes when we’re stressed out, restless, sad or even happy, all we need is music. Music, provided the vibes match up with the emotions, can be incredibly healing. In a matter of minutes, you can feel happier and understood. Now more than ever is a time when we need to rid of stress and cool down, so just pop on your headphones or connect to your speakers and let the rhythm of these calming and relaxing songs take over and drift you away.

Here are five Spotify playlists to help you get into a relaxed state of mind.

#1 Lo-Fi Beats

Lo-Fi Beats, spotify, chill

This amazing playlist from Spotify blesses your ears with discrete, low-key beats that make you want to close your eyes and just sink into your pillow. With slow melodies and no lyrics, you’ll be slowly bopping and waving your head to the fluid rhythms of this playlist’s heartbeat. Perfect before sleep, during the day, on a run or while you’re working.

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#2 Chill AF

Chill af

Rhythmically very similar to Lo-Fi Beats, Chill AF, and it’s in the name, is incredibly relaxing to listen to and gently vibe to. Incorporating the same type of beats and fluidity, Chill af also includes smooth vocals that don’t shock or remove any of the relaxing aspects, in fact, they complement them.

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#3 Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday. chill, spotify

Imagine it’s a beautiful Sunday. You wake up to the sun piercing through the blinds, everything is tranquil, everything is perfect. Lazy Sunday is the playlist for your lazy, comfy Sunday.

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#4 Coffee + Chill

Coffee + Chill, spotify, music

If you can imagine right now the sensation of being in a coffee house full of its strong, rich aromas and relaxing music, this playlist is exactly what you’d be imagining. It’s the background noise you never needed as you sip on your morning coffee as the sun rises.

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#5 Relax & Unwind

Relax, chill, music

Relax & Unwind does exactly what it says it does. It’s great company when you just want to take a minute to breathe and let loose. If you’re cooking, this playlist is a great ambience or if you have people over and what a light, soft mood, look no further.

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