6 Travel Tech Accessories You Need To Try

By Lauren Trucksess
on 3 February 2016

Smartphones and tablets are never far from reach these days. And while travelling is a great opportunity to ‘turn off’, many of us still have to be connected when we’re on the go. It’s important to have technology that can keep up with you but there are also lots of gadgets that make travelling a bit easier and more fun. So here are a few travel tech-sessories that you need to try!

I recently put some of the latest gadgets to the test and here’s how they did.

The Shutterball

The Shuttleball is perfect for selfie lovers everywhere as acts like a remote control for your smartphone or tablet camera. Instead of having to mess with timers and quickly run into place or leaving someone out of the shot, the Shutterball makes it really easy to set up cool photos and take videos.

It is perfect for anyone who is travelling solo or don’t have someone to take their picture. It works up to 30 metres away plus, its super small and easy to carry around.

Old World Travel iPad Cover

It’s always nice when technology also has personality and style and this iPad case from Ciao Bella Travel is exactly that. The old world map design will help you channel your inner explorer and of course, protects your iPads from being damaged when its shoved into your carry on or carried around during your travels.

Otterbox Case

Another tech-sessory that looks cute and protects well is the Otterbox case. As the number one selling case Otterbox has been setting the standard for phone protection for years but I wasn’t a fan of the clunkier styles of the past.

Now, Otterbox has lots of new colours and more streamlined designs, like the Symmetry series, so they look great and keep your phone from the bumps, drops and knocks that typically come with travel. The cover slips on easily and its made to absorb shock and prevent scratches.

Tabi MacBook Case

The last thing you want when you’re travelling is another bag to carry – which is why a thin but protective laptop case is perfect. This one by Tabi from BeBook is firm but not too heavy or bulkcy and has a cool, industrial look to it that works for men or women.

Inside, there are grips to keep the laptop from moving around too much – which is great if you have to stow it away on the plane or move quickly. It also comes with a hidden handle on the top for easy carrying.


Phone battery life is another big problem for travellers, especially if you love taking lots of photos and videos. That’s why mophie is such a lifesaver. It’s a case that gives you another full charge with the flick of a switch, so that your phone can sightsee as long as you!

You can charge your mophie and your phone at the same time, which means you never have to worry about charging it separately or forgetting it at home.  When your normal battery is getting low, just hit the button and it gives you another full charge so you can keep on snapping.

Uniden UH35-4 Walkie Talkie

They might not be something you need for every trip, but walkie talkies are perfect for communicating during camping trips and in remote places where you might not have mobile phone service. They can also make it easier to stay connected if you’re travelling in groups or road tripping in more than one vehicle. With these colourful Uniden walkie talkies, you can practice your radio lingo, create your own games and make sure you stay in touch with your group. 

So there you have it – some great new travel techsessories for you to try!

What devices can you not live without when you travel? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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