A Flagship Phone With Its Priorities Straight: OPPO Find X2 Pro

By Michael Townsend
on 9 August 2020

Women Love Tech writer Michael Townsend reviews the Oppo Find X2 Pro and says it’s a flagship phone with its priorities straight.

The OPPO Find X2 Pro is a phone at the cutting edge of what matters: a stunning display, superb camera and a clean user interface supported by top of the range specs.

Here’s a thought experiment I recommend you try out before upgrading to a new device. You’re sat down with the CEO of an industry leader who has decided you are the consumer they want to target. They ask you: what do you want in your dream phone?

Now, we’re all special in our own way, but I imagine there’s going to be some overlap in our answers. For me, my five musts are: a quality camera, strong display, practical UI, good specs and a battery life that easily lasts the day. Some bonuses are: waterproofing, fast-charging, 5G, loud speakers and an elegant design. 

You may be different; perhaps you care about wireless charging, or it being able to fold in half, or simply that it says ‘iPhone’ somewhere on the package. But if you’re at all like me, you may have the feeling that I did: Oppo’s Find X2 was made with specifically me in mind. 

oppo find x2 pro

Here’s why.

This is tied with the camera as the phone’s strongest feature. Unfortunately, you have to see it and use it yourself to appreciate how much of a difference a display at this level can make to your everyday experience. That said, the gist is: its 120Hz refresh rate makes it smooth; the Quad High Definition makes it sharp; the 240Hz sampling rate makes it fast; and the 10-bit colour (with the one billion different colours it can display) makes it unusually beautiful. 

I can’t pretend to know how the tri-camera setup works, but it does. In my experience, its particular strength is in its vivid (and accurate) colours. Of course it’s also incredibly sharp and fortunately for me, easy to use. With lockdown, there’s been a bit of a limit on my photography, but here are two examples that showcase what an amateur can achieve. 

Oppo Find X2 photo
This shot was taken on an OPPO Find X2
Pic Credit: Michael Townsend


Oppo Find X2
Scenic shot taken on the OPPO Find X2. Pic Credit: Michael Townsend

The OPPO Find X2 Extras:

Here are what I think are the most important additional features and specs of the phone:

The phone packs a punch, running on the Qaulcomm Snapdragon 865 (supporting 5G) with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. It can do whatever you ask, fast. 

The Find X2 Pro is protected by Corning Gorilla’s 6th generation glass panel makes it fairly robust (with some entertaining demos showcasing just how robust) in addition to being IP68 splash, water and dust resistant. One drawback that continues a general trend from industry flagships is that there is no headphone jack. 

The 4260 milliamp-hour battery gets the phone through the day without a hitch. Even better, this isn’t a phone you’re required to leave on charge overnight, everynight, where failure to do so means severely limiting your usage the following day. With the fastest charging technology available, it goes from 0-100% in 38 minutes. To me this seems like one of the most underrated features of the phone and easily makes up for the lack of wireless charging.

There are two fairly striking and unique options available for the phone: ceramic black and the orange themed vegan leather. 

OPPO Find X2 Pro
OPPO FIND X2 Vegan Leather Orange and Ceramic Black

OPPO Find X2 User Interface

The OPPO Find X2 Pro runs on the ColorOS 7.1, which I’ve found highly intuitive and customisable. In particular, I like how easy it was for me to just continue using the Google apps I’m now accustomed to. 

You get what you pay for

As always, quality has a price, in this case $1,599. Oppo has designed a phone for those who want the best, and I have a feeling those who get it won’t be disappointed. They’ve clearly done their homework and prioritised the parts of the phone that matter (at least to me) and haven’t made any attempts to differentiate itself with gimmicky features that’ll hardly be used. If you’re in the market for a flagship phone, I’d highly recommend it. 

OPPO Director of Global Marketing and Brand Strategy at OPPO
OPPO Director of Global Marketing and Brand Strategy Michael Tran at OPPO’s Find series launch
Antarctica, OPPO, Find X2 Mate
OPPO Uncover Antarctica – shot taken on OPPO Find X2 Pro.
Photo by Michaela Skovranova @mishkusk | Iceberg is floating mass of freshwater ice that has broken from a glacier or an ice shelf. Icebergs can drift for hundreds of kilometres into warmer waters where they eventually melt. Scientists estimate the lifespan of an iceberg, from first snowfall on a glacier to final melting in the ocean, to be as long as 3,000 years.

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