ADMA Sydney Conference Announced Their Speakers

By Frederique Bros
on 12 July 2015

Don’t miss the ADMA conference this year in Sydney in August 2015. ADMA is one of the best marketing and advertising organised events and the calibre of speakers this year is more diverse than ever.

ADMA Sydney Conference Announced Their Keynote Speakers

ADMA is Australia’s largest marketing and advertising association protecting and supporting excellence in data-driven marketing and advertising in Australia, and beyond.

Day One

On day one of the conference, Philip Poole, CMO, of Whittaker’s Chocolates, will give an inspirational talk on ‘going with the gut: the importance of intuition to win customers. He’ll focus on Whittaker’s journey to becoming New Zealand’s most trusted brand, how the chocolate company has built a strong brand culture to win customers and the importance of intuition and risk-taking.

Speaking in the customer retention and loyalty stream on day one is Darren Peisley, Managing Director of Global Loyalty, at Etihad Airways. His theme is ‘reimagining loyalty’, examining how most people aren’t happy with current airline loyalty programs (the models haven’t changed much in 30 years) and how airlines can build great loyalty programs in the future.

Also speaking on day one are Michele Roper Elrod, EVP/Head of Marketing, Regions Financial Corporation (USA) and Will Bordelon, EVP/General Manager of Merkle (USA), who will give a joint presentation on ‘transforming to compete in the age of the always addressable mobile consumer.’ They’ll discuss the new expectations on banks to know each customer and engage consistently across all channels, how Regions leverages data-driven marketing to help develop a highly personalised experience, and how to align an executive team around necessary organisational transformation.

The final presenter on day one is Leonard Brody, President of Clarity Digital, responsible for overseeing one of the largest online news conglomerates in the world.  His presentation is called ‘the great rewrite, the playbook for the world coming undone.’ Brody will talk about a new paradigm and model on how innovation is changing the world, illustrate his thesis with case studies, talk about the impact on the marketing world and what marketing needs to look like going forward.

Day Two

The opening speaker on day two is Adam Stewart, Head of Global Digital Marketing Vodafone (UK). Adam will look at developing and framing a digital vision to deliver a cutting-edge digital strategy in your organisation.

Also speaking on day two are the following:

Daniel Lee, Senior Director, Digital Experience Lead APMEA, McDonald’s (Singapore). Daniel will talk about how McDonald’s is adapting its game to engage with ‘always-on’ consumers, looking at how to influence customer experience with authenticity through social media, building digital know-how for e-commerce growth, and analysing customer micro-segments for precision marketing.

Igor Elbert, Principal Data Scientist, Gilt (USA). In his session called ‘Are we big in Denmark? How to measure the impact of international offerings,’ Igor will look at how analytics can distil user preferences for new locations, explain how to analyse clickstream and transaction data, and the success metrics for ‘revisit activation.’

Christophe Eymery, Head of Digital, L’Oreal (Australia). Christophe will talk about the cosmetic and hair care giant’s world-first use of augmented reality in the L’Oreal Makeup Genius phone app. He’ll talk about how L’Oreal created a game-changing digital experience, used advancing facial mapping technology for virtual product testing, and changed the way consumers are inspired by and interact with products.

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