Creative Alternatives For Work From Home Jobs

By Women Love Tech
on 29 March 2018

Sometimes we tend to be oblivious of the different circumstances people live in, and forget that not everyone is in a position to be physically present in a country or even larger city that offers the job opportunities of their dreams.

Some people have other obligations that hinder them from pursuing careers ‘in the flesh’, living in a small town or a rural area that’s cut off from the places where ‘it all happens’ being just one of them.

Luckily, thanks to the digital age and all the perks that come with it, many of us now have the opportunity to work from home and not just have a job but even build a legitimate career.

If you’re in a position that prevents you from getting suited up and hunting for office jobs, rejoice, as there are amazing alternatives that offer a decent income, an opportunity to express your creativity and even provide the flexibility you need in terms of time management.


If you have a strong voice and a way with words, why not start a blog? This type of work entails little to no investment, as you can always rely on free domains and themes for your blog that, even though they’re free, can still look highly visually appealing. You can write about virtually anything – if you’re fashion-savvy, start a fashion blog.

If you’re a genius in the kitchen – share your recipes and your cooking wizardry. You can write about parenting, health and wellness, write reviews of books and movies you love or any hobby, talent or interest you have – don’t be afraid to share it with the world. Slowly, you will find your audience.

Make sure you’re present on all social media platforms in order to gain the highest reach possible, and in time, your passion can actually become a source of more than decent income. Research on how you can quickly get advertisers and be proactive about collaborations, it’s not as difficult as it seems, because influencer marketing is the future. Of course, if you can’t afford to wait for your own blog to start providing you with income, there are tons of websites that offer freelance content creator and blogger positions, and aside from these being good practice for your own blog, you’ll get instant income.

As easy as it sounds

If you don’t have the time and energy to dive into something as creative and consistent as blogging (although you should always consider blogging, even if it’s for the distant future), there are different ways to earn a good income which are fairly quick and, again, don’t entail you leaving your home or investing a dime. If you’re wondering how to get paid online, the answer is simple – look for legitimate online survey websites that will actually pay you to provide your opinion by filling out surveys. You don’t even have to apply your creative side, the amount of time spent allows you to even do other things, and it makes for a great additional income, especially for busy moms who juggle a ton of never-ending obligations.

For the digitally savvy

There are plenty of companies out there who look for people to manage their social media accounts, such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page. Companies know what a large impact these platforms have on their target audience, and if you’re techno-savvy, you can do this job in your sleep, given, of course, that you do some research and get the lay of the land.

After all, part of the job is communicating with audiences and customers, at times even providing excellent customer support and being consistent and diligent when it comes to updating the platforms regularly. These are all skills that are fairly easy to acquire, you just have to gain deep insight into the values and goals of the company and not be afraid of showing off your wit and creativity, so dive into this world and learn all about the wonders of being a community manager.

Be your own boss

You don’t have to have Amazon’s warehouse in order to become an online seller. An increasing number of people are diving into something that is now known as online drop shipping. The perks of this kind of business is that you don’t have to maintain a large inventory of products or handle any delivery, as you’ll actually be working with a company that does all the ‘heavy lifting’.

The way to approach this is to either create a website or place products on offer on sites such as Etsy, Amazon and similar trusty ones. Once someone adds something to their basket, you go ahead and purchase the product from a third-party company (the drop shipper, at a lower price). This process is as simple as forwarding the order from your customer and it can become completely automated. After that your chosen drop shipper sends the product to the customer. The only thing to be highly mindful of is choosing a trustworthy drop shipper on which both you and your customers can rely on.

Women Love Tech would like to thank Sophia Smith for this article.

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