Anzac Correspondent Lets You Learn About History With The Use Of AR

Emeric Brard
on 24 April 2020

From Egypt and Palestine, to the front lines of Gallipoli, your mission is to capture the events that occur at these war-torn places.

With the use of augmented reality, Anzac Correspondent transforms your smartphone or tablet into a vintage 1918 camera that you scan the room with to snap pictures of people, animals, and events of interest from The First World War to relay back home.

The app is in fact an expansion on the photos and stories that can be found in Queensland Museum’s Anzac Legacy Gallery, but in a way that is more engaging and dynamic; especially for the younger audience.

The Anzac Correspondent app will bring these important stories to classrooms around the state so students in classrooms across all of Queensland can engage in this educational experience.” says Minister for the Arts and Minister for Science Leeanne Enoch

I tried it out for myself, and I found it fascinating.

app, augmented reality, map

I rolled out my virtual map onto my desk and head off. I would find myself in front of a group of soldiers on horseback, with the Great Sphinx of Giza just behind them. Then all of a sudden, I would be in Gallipoli, learning about Simpson and his donkey. And the best part was, that I did this all from the office (as you can clearly see in the photos below).

And it’s not only the imagery that is impressive, as previously mentioned, I learned about loads of information on certain people, how kangaroos improved soldiers’ morale, and how certain events unfolded.

app, Anzac correspondent, augmented reality

“We want to share the stories from Anzac Legacy Gallery with everyone and Anzac Correspondent creates an involving, learning history experience for users, which will enhance the gallery and museum experience.” said Queensland Museum CEO Dr Jim Thompson

If you want to try Anzac Correspondent for yourself, you can download it on the App Store or Google Play.

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