Australian New Year Resolutions Exposed!

Frederique Bros
on 11 February 2015

Here we are, it’s 2015! A new year always sounds like a new beginning. We all have good intentions to start fresh and I am no exception. I have my to do list, such as reorganising my office (this is a big one), washing my car and wearing sunscreen each day of this year.

Saying that, did you know around 88 per cent of set resolutions won’t last? But while we might not be seeing our resolutions through, Aussies are still productive in other ways, so we should cut ourselves a bit of slack.

While summer is the ideal holiday season, it seems Aussies are instead using their time off to get prepared for the year ahead. I know I am, or at least I try to have a strategy for the year ahead… Let me give you a piece of advice; set your goals, and pick ones you can achieve. As we say in France, do a little every day and you will be surprised how much you’ve accomplished at the end of the week. has unlocked its online data* to uncover what people are most likely to be doing this New Year and has revealed which jobs we like to get out of the way at the start of the year.

Across the country, it seems Victorians are most likely to get their engine checked out come the New Year, while New South Wales residents are more likely to give rubbish removalists a call. Queenslanders are all about getting the air conditioning installed just in time for the peak of summer.

Below is an overview of Australia’s top searches over the New Year:

Keeping cool

As temperatures soar through the summer months, electricians begin to feel the heat. There are 144 per cent more searches for air conditioner installation and services throughout the New Year, compared to the annual average.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Australians are buying more fans during this hot season and for the women to get into this summer’s hottest bikini!

Hit the gas

Aussies are on the move, with the New Year the time of year with the highest searches for motor engineers, panel beaters and auto parts recyclers.

It makes sense. People have more time off from work and this way can look after their cars, or simply take their car for a service. I do this every summer, as I like to not worry about mechanical issues in the New Year…

A fresh start

It seems many Aussies start the New Year with a new look, with 22 per cent more searches for hairdressers around the beginning of the year than any other time. That makes sense, New Year new haircut! It’s almost like our back to school, or should I say back to work, with a fresh tan, new haircut and a more relaxed mind. No wonder this is the most productive month for Aussies!

Yellow Pages online is expecting to see a peak of searches throughout the New Year, as people work to get their lives in check ahead of 2015.

*The data has been released to celebrate the launch of its fresh new look. The site already attracts 9.5 million** visits each month as it continues to help even more Australians connect to the businesses they need to get the job done.

Check website new look by clicking here, search what you need to have a fabulous 2015. You can also follow YellowPages on their Facebook page or on Twitter.

Feel free to share what’s on your to do list for 2015. Maybe a new phone or starting a yoga class? Please leave a comment in the below section.

Feature Image: DepositPhotos

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