Pleasant Ways To Grow Your Own Organic Plants & Garden

By Frederique Bros
on 8 February 2015

This is the time of the year when people start a detox and take new resolutions of eating healthy. Personally I’m a vegetarian and eating healthy and organic is really important. But to be honest with you I have a terrible green thumb except for the cactus… plants do not survived under my supervision, yes boooh to me.

But like you I like having fresh basil, mint and coriander on my balcony. Then I found, a clever app thats uses your address and its plant database to alert you throughout the season to make sure you never miss another key moment in your plant’s life. And if your little one grows big enough to walk, or rather eat, take your produce down to your local farmer’s market and barter your crops.

Sprout it is a free Apple app that grows with you!

Grow your own fresh vegetables and herbs with Sprout it’s fully customized support.

– Select plants, schedule plantings and get detailed instructions, reminders and info when you need it most.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Sprout it app:

– Library of the most popular plants and varieties, so you can learn which vegetables and herbs are best for your garden and location

– Get inspired with themed gardens, projects and recipes

– Location-based intelligence to help you time plantings correctly based on your frost date

– Option to grow from seed

– Interactive milestones make sure your real garden matches your Sprout it garden

– Beautiful illustrations to help you visually track your garden’s progress

– Reminders, tips and information specific to your plants and your garden delivered at the right times, based on your planting dates and preferences

– Easy-to-read reference information for plant care, harvest, common problems and storage & cooking

– Completing your gardener profile helps us customize your experience

– Integrated weather information and alerts to help with protection and recovery when severe weather hits

– A single log-in offers access to your account across iPhone, iPad and responsive web platforms

Every garden is different and the Sprout it app supports growing a garden that’s right for your location and lifestyle—first-timer or experienced, conventional or organic, backyard or balcony.

Images: Apple & DepositPhotos
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