Be Empowered: 5 Things You’d Tell Your Younger Self

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on 24 December 2017

If you could pick up a phone in ten years time and give your younger self a call, you would probably have a few words of advice.

There are many things we do daily that we take for granted, they might not seem like a big deal in the here and now, but you will be thankful for the change later on down the line. We’ve only got one life and we should all make the most of it.

Here are 5 changes to make a positive difference to your life to help empower you.

Love Yourself

Many of us struggle with our appearance, whether it’s to do with our body size, shape, weight, facial appearance or even hair or skin. However, it’s time to stop and take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. Stop beating yourself up over a body you are never going to have, embrace how you are now. Yes, you can keep fit and stay healthy but remember to give yourself a break, find your happy medium and be happy with the beautiful body that you were given. We all have a different genetic make-up, so don’t compare yourself to the girl next door who has long blonde hair and runway legs. We are all different and let’s be honest in ten years time you will probably look back at pictures of yourself and wish you looked like that now. You’ll be kicking yourself wishing you had worn those leather hot-pants when you thought you couldn’t. Try not to constantly try to change your appearance by dying your hair or covering up with makeup. Be bold enough to go makeup free. Your skin is youthful and young and you should look after it. Your hair can only take so many chemicals after all. Save the hair dye for when you really need it to cover those greys.

5 Decisions You will Regret Later

Love who you are. ‘Baby you were born this way’Your body is a temple

Your Body Is Your Temple

Right now you might want to go out every weekend and drink the night away. That’s all fine and fun to do but just do it in moderation; we only get one body so treat it with respect. Don’t constantly over do it with partying, no one is invincible. When we are younger, it’s easy to think we are immune to the effects of alcohol, smoking and drugs. Remember, we are not like Wolverine – we cannot miraculously self heal when we put our body in harm’s way. So just bear that in mind when your gym shoes are gathering dust and there’s a pile of pizza boxes building up from hangover days spent on the couch. Be good to yourself and find your happy medium of eating well and staying active and allow yourself to enjoy naughty indulgences like a bar of chocolate once in a while.

Have fun but don't always over-do it

Have fun but don’t always over-do it

Real Relationships Are Better Than Fake Ones

Don’t cling to relationships that aren’t worth it. Step back and take a minute to think about whether you are holding onto a toxic relationship. Toxic relationships are like junk food, they’re bad for your mind and your health. Is there someone in your life who doesn’t always make you feel good, or doesn’t reciprocate the amount of effort you put into your friendship? Don’t let people take from you, supply you with negative attitudes or make you feel a lesser version of yourself. Surround yourself with people that make you feel great and you can completely and utterly be 100% you. It’s time to let go of those tenuous links to those who don’t deserve you.

Real relationship are better than fake ones

Surround yourself with people that love you for you

Put Your Pennies Away

Life is full of speed bumps, especially when it comes to finances. Unfortunately we all encounter unexpected expenses, but by saving you reduce the stress of having nothing to fall back on. Think of it as a financial safety net. The more you save the more options you have, whether it be for an unexpected misfortune you need to pay for or you really need a holiday or just want to save for a treat for yourself, it’s nice to have the options. Plus it’s good to have some emergency funds; it will put your mind at ease.

Put your money away for a rainy day

Put your money away for a rainy day

Live In The Here And Now

Social media has become part of our everyday lives. However, that doesn’t mean we should live our lives through our phones. We don’t need to report every little move we make on Facebook or Instagram five seconds after it happens. If we are always on our phones we miss out on real -life human interaction by not living in the here and now. Effectively, we are letting our lives slip by by not appreciating what is around us. So just take some time out from your phone in the day and have a moment to be mindful and appreciate what’s going on around you because in reality someone else’s life might look enviable, but the grass is not always greener.

Live in the here and now

Put your phone down and stop living your life through social media


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