You Can Be Part Of The Jury For New Series – The Twelve

By Pamela Connellan
on 29 June 2022

Foxtel and Twitter Australia have partnered so Aussies can participate in remote jury duty as part of the new Foxtel Original Series, #TheTwelve. This 10-part drama series stars Sam Neill, Kate Mulvany and Marta Dusseldorp – and it focuses on twelve everyday citizens who’ve been called in for jury duty on a high-profile murder case for a woman who’s accused of killing her niece.

As the courtroom drama unfolds, it becomes a trial not only for the accused, but for the jury members themselves. Fans of the show can act as a remote juror for a Tweet trial during this first season. If you’re part of the jury you’ll be able to review written, visual and audio evidence sot that you can come to a conclusion via your Tweet vote. 

Be part of #TheTwelve – To opt in for jury duty, all you have to do is ‘love’ the following Foxtel Tweet:

After each episode you’ll receive a Tweet notification from Foxtel with evidence from the recent episode. Once you’ve reviewed the evidence, you’ll be able to cast your verdict via a Tweet. 

Tip: You can also follow @Foxtel to get access to The Twelve’s Twitter Moment. This Twitter Moment will host all of the evidence shared to date. Each week the timeline will be updated with evidence from the latest episode, giving you the chance to review the various evidence lined up during the course of the case. 

Australians keen to take part in this jury

Jacqui Abbott, Group Director of Content Communications, says Australians are keen to take part: “The Twelve has captured the interest of audiences right around Australia. It’s a gripping story that surfaces the complex lives of the jurors and the bias that brings to the fate of a case. We are excited to partner with Twitter to drive a bigger conversation around the series, keep people guessing and summon fans to cast their own verdict.”

Jonathan Munschi, Head of Sales for Twitter Australia, adds: “We know that people flock to Twitter everyday to discover and consume content on topics they’re passionate about spanning from sport, to TV & entertainment. For TV viewers Twitter has become a virtual lounge room. Globally, Twitter is the preferred social media platform when watching TV, with 44% of people using the leading platforms said their use of Twitter while watching TV has increased. We are thrilled to partner with Foxtel allowing fans to experience The Twelve in a whole new way.”

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