Become A Smart Beauty Expert In 15 seconds

Frederique Bros
on 18 June 2015

Do you always trust beauty bloggers who get paid to advise you on the latest lipstick? Or do you believe the gorgeous celebrity in the fashion magazine with the face cream at $300? Maybe it is very good marketing with a solid budget? Hmmm… Good question.

Become A Smart Beauty Expert In 15 seconds

I would like in this article empower women and to enable you, as a beauty consumer, to make smart purchases. With these three below apps get knowledge and inspiration from an authentic community of users and beauty experts.

Pretty In My Pocket – Free – Apple

How Does It Work

– Scan a beauty product in a store, then you’ll instantly see whether anyone on the app have reviewed it. You will also discover hundreds of looks created by makeup artists, experts and users.

Pretty In My Pocket is a platform for women to directly create and reference swatches and looks with the exact products used.

Become A Smart Beauty Expert In 15 seconds

Check Your Cosmetic – Free – Google Play

How Does It Work

– Enter the brand of the product and it’s batch code and you will find out it’s production date, shelf life and the expiration date.Batch code can be located:
– printed on the bottom of the product
– printed on the package
– ink-stamped on the product+54 brands are presented, a must-have beauty app!
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GoodGuide – Free – Apple

Use the GoodGuide app to instantly find safe, healthy, green and socially responsible products based on scientific ratings.

GoodGuide’s app includes ratings for over 210,000 products and the companies that manufacture them, including pet food, babies and kids, hair care, makeup, food, skin care, household, bath, soap, shower, oral care, and more.

How Does It Work

– Each product is scientifically rated on a 0 – 10 scale based on its health, environmental, and social impact.

– With the app, you can easily browse categories, search for specific products or quickly scan barcodes to see our overall rating.

Whether you’re in store or simply on the go, those three apps will make it easy to shop your beauty products, whenever and wherever you shop.

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