Billson’s Leads the Way to Better CX with XRii’s AR Solution

Alice Duthie
on 20 September 2023

Billson’s harnesses the power of augmented reality (AR) to pioneer a transformative holiday shopping experience, achieving a spike in holiday revenue and thousands of app downloads against a backdrop of reduced consumer spending.

Billson’s, one of Australia’s oldest and most beloved beverage brands, is setting a new standard in the retail industry, revolutionising the holiday experience with augmented reality (AR) against a challenging economic landscape, where consumers are thinking twice about their spending.

Joining forces with XRii, a leading local technology platform that specialises in immersive experiences, Billson’s introduced an innovative AR scavenger hunt for a unique holiday shopping experience that made locals and travellers alike want to visit its brewery and explore the town of Beechworth.

Over a short period of time, the results were impressive. Not only did in-store revenue spike over the holidays, with the brewery abuzz from all of the new foot traffic, but Billson’s AR-powered scavenger hunt also achieved:

  • 2,500+ app downloads
  • 91% of downloads converted to sign-up
  • 28% redemption rate
  • Ranked #42 on the Apple App Store

A closer look at the innovative solution

The AR scavenger hunt encouraged shoppers to explore historical sites around Beechworth and collect AR cordials. Once all of the AR cordials were collected, customers were rewarded with a free bottle of Billson’s limited edition cordial flavour that they could redeem at the brewery.

Signage in local businesses, as well as promotion on Billson’s highly engaged social media channels, spread the word about the activation and encouraged people to take part in the experience. Ideation was a collaborative process between Billson’s and XRii, and the custom app was designed, developed and deployed by the XRii team.


Redefining consumer engagement with AR

Billson’s Marketing Manager Molly Wescott said: “The entire XRii team was amazing from ideation through to the development of the app. The way we were able to utilise their technology to bring even more fun and connection to the brand was really special and helped us to better connect with our consumers.”

“We were interested in working with XRii from the start, not really knowing about the technology. But the team at XRii made it really easy to understand and work with. Now, we’re looking forward to rolling out even more unique experiences together on a national scale.”

Molly Wescott, Marketing Manager at Billson’s

Matthew Endresz, Founder and CEO at XRii said: “We are thrilled to have partnered with Billson’s in bringing this exciting AR-powered shopping experience to life. Our collaborative journey from ideation to execution has showcased the immense potential of immersive technology in redefining how consumers engage with brands.”

Matthew Endresz, Founder and CEO at XRii

“Billson’s commitment to innovation and dedication to enhancing the shopping experience have been truly inspiring. We are proud to have played a role in making its vision a reality, and we look forward to expanding this success on a national scale, connecting even more consumers with the magic of AR.”

To find out more about Billson’s XRii-powered AR scavenger hunt, click here.

About Billson’s Brewery

Billson’s is a specialty beverage brand and one of Australia’s oldest breweries. Founded in 1865, the Billson’s brewery is located in Beechworth, Victoria, where people can visit their tasting room for drinks, meals and entertainment. Their range of cordials, sodas and spirits are stocked in retail stores across the country.

About XRii

XRii is a leading marketing platform that revolutionises brand engagement and conversions through cutting-edge immersive technology. By leveraging augmented reality, geo-mapping and gamification, XRii enables brands to launch captivating coupon, cashback and reward campaigns seamlessly integrated within a custom-built app or existing app or website.

With a focus on modernising marketing strategies and delivering actionable real-time customer data insights, XRii equips brands to thrive in today’s evolving landscape. Trusted by iconic brands and sporting organisations like Perth Heat Baseball Club, Advertising Week and Billson’s Brewery, XRii drives revenue, builds lasting customer relationships and helps to deliver a unique value exchange throughout the customer lifecycle.

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