Blinq: The Business Card Of The Future

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on 18 September 2021

Jarrod Webb, Founder and CEO of Blinq Technologies, shares the story behind the business card of the future.

Networking takes a leap of faith. You put yourself and your business in front of complete strangers who will be making snap judgments about both. Will they like your products or services? Will they like YOU? And in the heat of the moment, it’s hard to tell which one is more important.

It’s often an anxiety-laden experience that requires confidence to put yourself out there. Add in the ‘new normal’ of the post-COVID world we’re living through those insecurities are magnified. It can feel like you have to work even harder to get noticed when traditional networking events are thin on the ground.

Blinq business card

At Blinq, we want to arm individuals and businesses with tools that help them share who they are, with anyone, wherever they go. To take the pain out of networking face to face or remotely and make sure our users stand out from the competition.

A digital business card doesn’t just capture your logo and title, you can use your digital business card to share exactly who you are and what you’re all about by sharing accreditations, links to your social accounts, testimonials, calendar availability and more.

See how easy it it to share a Blinq card:

Not only do digital business cards give you full control over your Brand ID, they can also make your team more productive. If you need to change a key company detail you can update this in seconds and the change will be applied across all of your cards instantaneously.

That means your contacts aren’t left dialling a disconnected phone number or sending samples to your old headquarters. Which also means your team isn’t wasting time fielding emails from grumpy customers trying to get hold of you!

You’ll also be able to integrate your existing CRM system with Blinq so each new contact is automatically logged and can be followed up with a minimum of fuss.

We want every new interaction you have and every new contact you add to your network to be as valuable as possible. We know that putting yourself out there can be a challenge and we’re championing those who do.

Jarrod Webb is Founder and CEO of Blinq Technologies, a fast-growing Melbourne based B2C and B2B SaaS startup. Blinq helps individuals and businesses grow their networks by making it easy to share their professional identity with a single link.

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